Hello and welcome to my blog !

My name is Linda and I am a twenty-something freelance writer / journalist based in Riga, Latvia. Currently juggling between work for a lifestyle magazine and other freelance bits-and-bobs, I am aiming for more balanced, conscious and minimalistic lifestyle while still having fun and enjoying the ride.

For me, one of the main meanings of life is constant self-improvement - mental, physical and emotional. I believe that happy and fullfilled life can be lived without destruction of our planet but in alignment with nature. 

I am not perfect. And I will never be perfect. Neither do you or anyone else. But it is not a reason to give up. 

This blog is a story of me becoming a better human being.

I try to keep this place as cheerful and joyful as possible which means showing you only good stuff and writing reviews only about products that are worth your attention (no bad reviews here !). I consider my readers best friends who deserve to be treated with honesty and respect.

I hope you enjoy scrolling through Peppercakes !



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