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🇬🇧ENG There are people whom we envy for living richer, more exciting and happier life. And then there are ones that make our hearts clench and appreciate everything we possess in our own lives. Going both ways - is there an absolute black & white ? Is there a person on the top who feels so happy that there is nothing to change ? Is there anyone who is at the worst with no way down ? Or maybe our human mind always thinks of this something that either prohibits our absolute happiness or does not let to get mad.

Maybe there is no black & white all we have are 50 shades of grey. There are darker and lighter days and then there are hours when we think of the bigger purpose that makes us experience this roller-coaster of life. Life is never perfect at the moment - there is either a great job or a nice boyfriend, a pleasing salary with unfulfilled dream or empty pockets with a passion for a startup...

Feel happy if you have a dream and even more blessed if you are already on the way of achieving it ! Be happy for people who love you, care about you and support you ! And even more important - as long as we have somebody to love, our hearts will always stay warm, open and strong. (Maybe) Love is an absolute White.

🇱🇻LAT Priecājiesties, ja jums ir sapnis un jūtieties laimīgi, ja jūs jau esiet ceļā uz tā sasniegšanu. Jūtieties pateicīgi par cilvēkiem, kuri jūs mīl, rūpējas par jums un atbalsta. Kamēr mums ir kāds, kuru mīlēt, mūsu sirdis vienmēr paliks siltas, atvērtas un stipras.



 Shop at t/c  Origo , t/c  Galerija Centrs , Modes un izklaides centrs  Riga Plaza , t/p  Alfa , t/c  Galleria Riga

Shop at t/c Origo, t/c Galerija Centrs, Modes un izklaides centrs Riga Plaza, t/p Alfa, t/c Galleria Riga