🇬🇧🇱🇻OOTD | Leaves

🇬🇧ENG Almost unbelievable that yesterday I was walking down sunny streets wearing shorts and this morning I had to put on a coat and take an umbrella to go to a gym ! This weather swing makes me feel frustrated and even more disappointed because it totally ruined all filming plans for today (but everything happens for a reason and usually turns out even better, so we are waiting for a miracle to reveal !) ! I spent weekend managing production plan for a shooting of a very interesting campaign. It is not connected with fashion and beauty but is a very important social theme for youngsters and I am so grateful to be a part of an international team and to help this happen ! Not telling you more, let's wait until videos are ready (ver pronto ! - can you guess which country hosts the project ?).  

The costume I was wearing for a lazy Sunday morning walk with my sister is made by my all times favourite and beloved designer Viktorija Mironova. (Check also this maxi dress with leather elements I've been wearing during chilly summer evenings and this romantic dress which was I was wearing literally everywhere - from parties till shop visits). I received this combo as a birthday gift from her (yeah, I know it's been like two month ago, and I am showing you it only now - sorry, guys !). I've been wearing it quite a lot in different combinations - as a set and also combined with other tops / bottoms. Viktorija's designs are so comfortable to wear and it almost feels like they have some kind of  indescribable positive energy in them - maybe because every peace is handmade, created with passion and love for fashion and people she is doing it for. She manages to combine design, pattern and fabric in a way that you can wear these clothes casual way in everyday life and also for special occasions - just changing shoes, accessories and makeup ! Pure magic - i would dare to say !

🇱🇻LAT Vēl viens darinājums no manas mīļās Viktorija Mironova Design. Tieši tas, kas vajadzīgs karstās vasaras dienās.