🇬🇧🇱🇻OOTD | Sunset Walks

🇬🇧ENG Summer evenings are perfect - I wish all season could consist only of them (or maybe something like polar day & night, just in this case half of the year summer evening and another half - spring in May ?) ! We shot these pictures on Sunday evening while having a walk around neighbourhood with my friend. The first time this summer when I finally took advantage of the fact that I am living just in 5 min walk from woods - shame on me, I know ! Warm forest air, sunset above golden sky and tiny raindrops made me feel so good and relaxed, and the best part is that it is all here, free and always will be. 

I am wearing maxi dress from "Flower Freeze" collection by Viktorija Mironova Design. She is such a talented and inspiring young woman and also my very best and beloved friend (oh, all these advantages of having a fashion designer as your besty !). Maxi dresses are my absolute favourites for already third summer - seems like they look appropriate for any event. Fake leather top and spikes gives the dress more edgy vibe, making it less romantic but still classy and feminine.

🇱🇻LAT Ideāls vakars svētdienas pastaigai. Mežs atgādina par mieru - mēs esam un vienmēr būsim brīvi savās domās, izvēlēs un darbībās.