Red & White


ENG Well, well weather has been spoiling us here in Riga - September feels like summer ! But don't be fooled as sun is tricky and right now I am drinking rosehips tea with lemon and honey and fighting upcoming cold (hope that a good night sleep will do the last winning hit !). 

I remember, when I was little, I was told that red is "my colour" because it looks good with my dark hair and brown eyes. And of course, feeling rebellious about adults opinions, I decided that red is too serious for me and avoided it for long time. Now I am slowly resuming my relationship with this colour - starting from red lips, accessories and occasionally daring to reach for a red top. This time I wanted to stay simple but bold, combining white and red - no ornaments or excessive elements - just clear colours.

Have you noticed bistro "Pipars" behind me ? I saw it only when reviewing photos ! "Pipars" in latvian means "pepper" and today it suits the look, doesn't it ? 

LAT Bērnībā vecmamma vienmēr apgalvoja, ka sarkana ir mana krāsa, jo tā piestāv tumšmatēm ar brūnām acīm. Un, protams, ka es stūrgalvīgi nenēsāju neko sarkanu. Tikai nesen es no jauna atklāju šo karstasinīgo toni un, jā, droši vien vecmammai bija taisnība.