Summer Fantasy

ENG These pictures were shot quite a time ago (just before my baby-Book got broke) and finally I am happy to show them ! The day seems grey and dull but actually it was unbelievably hot with constant feeling of "it is going to rain" (but it did not !). 

Right away in the morning I was doing a little makeup modelling and it was so good to be on the other side, if you know what I mean. I always do makeups by myself and it was so relaxing to just enjoy as somebody is making magic on your face. Though I liked the look very much, I obviously could not go on streets like that, so I decided to leave deep cherry shade on my lips to brighten the day !

The dress I am wearing is made by super talented young fashion designer Viktorija Mironova, who is also my very best friend and you probably already know her, because I've mentioned her and her dresses previously on the blog. That day was her last stay in Riga as she was going back to Denmark, and that was the perfect occasion to shoot some images wearing the dress she designed.

Have a productive start of the week if you are in a working mood or a lazy-daisy chill if you are in a vacation zone !  

LAT Ļāvu, lai Elīna Pūce paspēlējas ar manu make-up, un šeit ir rezultāts. Neizsakāmi patīkami ir sēdēt krēslā pie vizāžista - ļoti sen nebiju make-up modeles lomā.