🇬🇧NOTES | The Pressure of Being the Same


Before New Year I decided to take a break from blogging in January. The aim of the break was to clear up my mind, regain inspiration, make some changes I’ve been thinking of and just see how my day to day life would like without this hobby. As you can obviously see, it very successfully prolonged in month of February.

To be honest, there wasn’t a day when I was not thinking about the blog, my Youtube channel or Instagram. When the time came to return to the digital world, I… couldn’t. And didn’t want. And felt guilty about that. Still thinking I should. Though I definetely had no desire. Another guilt wave. (I can go on and on like that… but you understand.)

So, what did I do in my free time during January? I definetely watched a lot of movies. I read a lot more, unfortunately not books - just blogs or articles on the internet. I tried few new recipes (even candies - turned out amazing). I did not do anything major, I did not spend my time more useful than I would, writing an informative review or editing an entertaining video. Shame, shame…

After some inside digging I realized that acutally I like writing posts and filming videos. And I want to do it. BUT. There is so much pressure from the outside. And I am not talking only about blogosphere. We are constantly bombarded with ideas how we should look, how we should live, what should we like, what should we aim for, what should we buy, how should we act, what should we think about… 

Because I am the kind of person who wants to be the best and always aims for the highest scores, I am constantly searching for the ways to improve and step up my game. As they say, learn from the best. But what to do when there are a lot of bests and everyone is kind of different ? When there are too many variables in the formula of success ? Looking around and taking advice is not bad, as long as you do not loose yourself in the noise. 

Let’s imagine, there is a small Daisy in a big field of flowers. Daisy notices that roses get far more attention from bypassers than she does. So she decides to color her white petals red, to resemble roses. And it works - she becomes the most popular amongst all daisys because of her unique look. Other flowers see her achievements and decide to change their colours too. But Daisy wants more - she aims to be as loved and cherished as roses. So Daisy starts to shape her petals in different, rose-like form and tries to grow some thorns. Now she doesn’t look like a Daisy anymore but she doesn’t look like a rose too. Daisy has lost her identity and infuses in the crowd of rose-wannabes.

What I wanted to say with this little story:

a daisy can never become a rose but it doesn’t diminish its own beauty. 

Yes, there are things that are being considered beautiful, popular, normal etc. but it doesn’t mean that we should blindly accept those standarts and aim for them. If you are a rose, well, congrats. But if you were born a daisy - please, be the most amazing, wonderful and beautiful daisy. Because the truth is - you can not be anything else than you are. We all came to Earth with our own stuffing but somehow, instead of cherishing it, we are being re-programmed to want replace it with the boring copy-paste dressing from the common table. 

Let this post be the first step of my comeback into blogging world. I am ditching the calendar, analytics and strategies. All I want to do is share useful information and inspire you a bit while having good time doing it. I am apologizing in advance for inconsistency but hopefully the spark and passion in my posts and videos will make up for it. 
So, my fellow Daisies, Tulips and Peonies, I wish you wonderful day filled with self-love, acceptance and rays of inspiration !