🇬🇧DIY Home Breakfast SPA

Saturdays are all about relaxation - exploring the limits of sleep hours, having late brunch (because of a previous reason) and getting some "me-time". After five productive and creative work-week days I usually feel like my body needs some special treatment and the best way for me to start a weekend is to make a leisurely home-SPA session. This has become one of my habits and even if I have any plans on Saturday, I would rather wakeup earlier, sacrificing a few hours of sleep, but not skipping my pamper routine ! 

Lately I've been more and more into healthy lifestyle and pay more attention to everything I consume - food, cosmetics, materials. I am not a "child of nature" (yet ?), but I highly value quality so I try to choose maximum clean foods and professional beauty products. Thanks to a book of recipes by natural cosmetics OgaOga, I discovered a whole new world of face and body treatments which are easily made from food products. The book is available only in Lithuanian language but if you are interested, you are welcome to check DIY videos where I show few of these recipes ! 

My current obsessions for home-SPA are Oatmeal Face Mask (I heard about it from one of my girlfriends and turns out that it is one of these old and "everyone - knows- it" recipes which I had no idea about) and Coffee Body Scrub (my Mom told me about it a lo-ong time ago and I do not understand why didn't I start to use it earlier ?!). Both of recipes are easy and fast to make, inexpensive and natural. After the first time I used Oatmeal Face Mask, I could not believe how my skin improved in just 10min - my face got lighter, little red blemishes disappeared, oily and dry areas became normal ! Coffee is particularly good scrub because its texture exfoliates skin and natural oils makes it so soft and gentle that no body lotion is needed afterwards !


Ingredients : 1 tbs oatmeal, 2 tbs milk

Preparation : heat milk until it is almost boiling (but do not let it start to boil !) and add to oatmeal. Leave until oats are swelled -  aprox. 30min (meanwhile have a breakfast !).

Use : Put on face, leave for 10min and rinse with water.

Secret : I suggest doing it in shower while washing hair because otherwise all surroundings will be in small oatmeal crunches.


Ingredients : coffee grounds

Preparation : make coffee "in-cup" - put grounded coffee beans in cup and add hot water. Wait when grounds are settled on the bottom of a mug, drink coffee (preferably with a piece of dark chocolate or any sweet by your taste - because it is Saturday brunch and this is a good enough reason by itself !). Collect coffee grounds and use as a body scrub ! P.S. You may need to collect coffee grounds for a whole week to get enough !

Use : Apply with massaging movements while in shower (well, I am sure you've already read this exact sentence in every article dedicated to scrubs).

Secret : Add a little bit of olive oil to get and extra soft skin ! 

Bon apetit ! Wishing you the greatest weekend ! The weather in Riga is swinging so quickly - from sun to clouds and rain (and back again and again several times per day) so it is almost impossible to plan any summer outdoor activities but I hope that you will find exciting things to do during one of the last summer weekends !