🇬🇧🇱🇻Nails by Kichy Kuko


ENG The day when you wakeup, look through a window and see all white yard - the first snow day ! Now the season of candles, winter teas and Christmas songs has officially started (at least for me ! H&M, I will not be irritated by your Christmas music from now on !). Cold and dark evenings will not be so depressive anymore and cuddling under warm blanket with a book (or mostly laptop - let's be realistic) will become a very usual time-spending way.

These images were shot a few days ago, when I went to see festival Shine Riga. It was also 96th birthday of our country which is always celebrated with impressive fireworks. Because of really cold weather that night (and me wearing leggings instead of warmer trousers like... jeans ? - blame it on yourself, girl !) I decided to skip the salut and meet with a friend who also like me does not like big crowds and freezing air. That was a very nice last meet up before he leaves to London for a lifetime (or at least that is what he says now, we'll see, we'll see ... [wicked laughter]).

Those who follow me on Instagram already noticed my recent crush on nail salon Kichy Kuko. This is my second manicure there which was made to match one special dress with which we were filming fashion video (coming soon !). Sorry for my impatiente - I just wanted to share with you some pics of my nails while they are still fresh (but honestly, the colour lasts for 3-4 weeks ! My previous manicure went for almost 4 weeks and I was doing EVERYTHING, including big apartment cleaning !!). 

So you've seen nails already but you will have to watch the video too because it is going to A-MAZING ! Stay tuned and enjoy first snowflakes !

LAT Šīs bildes tapa Staro Rīga laikā, kad sildījāmies Coffee Inn, tā vietā, lai skatītos salūtu. Nagu dizains tapa speciāli video filmēšanai, kuru drīz jums parādīšu.