🇬🇧🇱🇻MY MAKEUP | No Brushes


DISCLAIMER : This post was created before my switch to cruelty-free lifestyle.

ENG Hello from ice age ! How otherwise would you call a condition when -2 feels like -10 (according to weather app - I do not exagerate anything !). First cold is always a shock for body and skin and mine is already going coco-crazy dry and sensitive. I would rather dip my face in olive oil bath but when I need to go out and look good (and oily shine is NOT good-looking in any category), I try to use as little as possible products but still putting accents. 

This is very easy makeup as it requires minimum of products and even no brushes ! All products are applied with fingertips or "built-in" applicators. 

LAT Sveiciens no ledus laimeta ! Mums ir -2, bet liekas, ka -10 (es nepārspīlēju - tā rāda Weather App). Šādā laikā mana āda kļūst traki sausa un jutīga, tāpēc cenšos izmantot pēc iespējas mazāk make-up produktu.

Šis ir mans go-to make-up šobrīd, jo prasa minimālu piepūli (pat nekādu otu !).

 The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream | Make Up For Ever Face & Body - #32 | Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner - #13 | Gosh Mascara Lenght'n Build - Black | Make Up For Ever Lipstick - #42 | NYX Eye Shadow Base - #02 White Pearl

Step by step description of what, how and why :

1. Feed the skin with you favourite face cream according to current skin condition. I borrowed this one from my sister, as its silky and mattifying structure was perfect for my wind-blown cheeks.

2. Tone the skin by applying foundation. I went for very light look so I used my favourite Face & Body. It feels like the skin absorbs the liquid and makes you all "I am not wearing foundation but my skin just looks good" kind of girl.

3. Accent eyes with black eyeliner (I was already admiring this one in a previous post) and mascara.

4. Smile with red lips - a few touches of red lipstick to get an easy looking colour. No lipliners or primers this time !

5. Shine on always !!! But in this case, I applied with fingertips little bit of sparkling eye shadow base on cheekbones and under eyebrows. I do not get the point of using this base under eye shadows but I really love how it does highlighting.


The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream
Make Up For Ever Face & Body #32
NYX Eye Shadow Base #02 White Pearl (kā izgaismotājs)

Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner #13 Black
Gosh Mascara Lenght'n Build #Black

Make Up For Ever Lipstick #42

ENG Hope you had a fabulous week so far ! Stay warm, be beautiful and do good things !

LAT Ceru, ka jums bija brīnišķīga nedēļa ! Saglabājiet siltumu, esiet skaistas un dariet labas lietas !