🇬🇧🇱🇻MY MAKEUP | Red Lips & Eyeliner

🇬🇧ENG Let's start this Monday with some makeup sharing ! I actually did this look on Friday because I was going to attend an event in the evening, so do not think that I am wearing bold red lips on Monday morning ! In the end I decided to skip the event and have a peaceful time at home but this fact doesn't affect overall picture as I pretty enjoyed my shimmery eyelids for a whole day.

🇱🇻LAT Sāksim pirmdienu ar make-up bildēm ! Patiesībā es izveidoju šo make-up piektdienā, jo plānoju apmeklēt pasākumu vakarā, tā kā nedomājiet, ka es te pirmdienas rītā staigāju ar sarkanām lūpām. Beigās es tā arī neaizgāju uz pasākumu, bet izvēlējos pavadīt mierīgu vakaru mājās, kas nemazināja manu prieku par mirdzošiem plakstiņiem.

🇬🇧ENG All products I used to create this look make quite a pile, don't they ? But mostly it is because of all priming - concealing things, as I had to take care of blue circles under eyes and some red blemishes. (Maybe I should take care of resting myself, then I will not have to take care of concealing stuff ?) 

Splitted by parts, here is step by step description of what, how and why !

🇱🇻LAT Visi izmantotie produkti veido lielu kaudzi, lai gan patiesībā šeit pārsvarā ir bāzes un korektori.

 NYX Studio Perfect Primer Clear | NYX Studio Perfect Primer Green | NYX HD Concealer 10-Yellow | NYX HD Foundation 02-Beige | NYX HD Concealer 04-Beige | NYX HD Concealer 01-Porcelain | NYX HD Concealer 07-Tan

NYX Studio Perfect Primer Clear | NYX Studio Perfect Primer Green | NYX HD Concealer 10-Yellow | NYX HD Foundation 02-Beige | NYX HD Concealer 04-Beige | NYX HD Concealer 01-Porcelain | NYX HD Concealer 07-Tan

1. Hide what should be hidden. I used transparent silicone primer for the whole face and green one for my shamefully red nose (which will soon get also a doze of concealer, but it doesn't know it yet !). For day time I usually choose skin colour concealer if needed, but as I was getting ready for evening, I tried on yellow concealer to seriously hide dark circles under my eyes.

2. Give colour tone. Now, when natural red and blue colours are changed to green and yellow, let's make it even ! I applied HD Foundation which is covering enough for filming as well as evening makeup. What has been left unhidden (and I am talking about my red nose again), was battled with skin tone concealer.

3. Show character. Foundation smoothes skin tone but it as well erases most of facial features, making it look like a an evenly baked pancake. That is why we need contouring !  Bring some shadow under cheekbones and on both sides of nose and highlight T-zone and cheekbones and the face suddenly becomes 3-D. I tried contouring with HD concealers, as I saw it being done in a video with exactly the same products I got by myself, and it worked out pretty well for me.


NYX Studio Perfect Primer #Clear
NYX Studio Perfect Primer #Green
NYX HD Concealer #10 Yellow
NYX HD Foundation #02 Beige
NYX HD Concealer #04 Beige
NYX HD Concealer #01 Porcelain
NYX HD Concealer #07 Tan

 Makeup Forever Aqua Liner Black | NYX Hot Single Eyeshadow No.41 | NYX Hot Single Eyeshadow No.26 | NYX Hot Single Eyeshadow No.84 | NYX Eye Pencil 906-White | NYX Infinite Shadow Stick 05-Almond | NYX Doll Eye Mascara Volume Black

4. Bring stars to sight. I knew I was going for bold lips, so I could skip all shading and just put eyeliner on, but I wanted to bring just a little accent to eyes, so they would balance heavy lips. For shimmer on eyelids I used this shadow-pencil which is honestly awesome ! It is waterproof, easy to apply and has a range of tones from yellowish-golden to brownish-bronze. Note : I used the white pencil to draw a line under my bottom lashes to make shadows stick more precise !

5. Line up. If you ask me how to get confidence in 2 minutes, I would answer to draw an eyeliner. Mascara goes hand in hand with the liner, no questions allowed. And  I will stop now because otherwise you will be forced to read an essay on "my love to eyeliners" theme which would probably get you to sleep very fast, but we still have to take a look on a very important part of makeup - lipstick ! 

Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner #Black
NYX Hot Single Eyeshadow #41
NYX Hot Single Eyeshadow #26
NYX Hot Single Eyeshadow #84
NYX Eye Pencil #906 White
NYX infinitive Shadow Stick #05 Almond
NYX Doll Eye Mascara Volume #Black

 NYX Lip Primer 01-Nude | NYX Lipliner Pencil 844-DeepRed | NYX Matte Lipstick 07-Alabama

6. Get ready. The moment I discovered lip primers, I can not imagine putting lipstick on bare lips. It makes any lipstick last much longer and allows colour to be maximum alike you see in a tube.

7. Get bold. For a very long time I was supporter of a classic red but recently I decided to try other shades too - with orange or brown notes., darker and lighter. On pictures this colour looks lighter than it was in real life - it was more deep shade with brown notes.

NYX Lip Primer #01 Nude
NYX Lipliner Pencil #844 Deep Red
NYX Matte Lipstick #07 Alabama

🇬🇧ENG So now I am thinking maybe I should've attended the event but I didn't feel like going out that evening and thought that an old movie and camomile tea would make me more happy than white wine and crowd in lightning place. This is it about planning - we think about future and make plans depending on how we feel right now, but when the date comes, there is a different situation and different state of mind. I am glad that I listened to myself even if that meant wearing evening lips for a whole day.