🇬🇧🇱🇻MY MAKEUP | Nude Eyes & Natural Lips

🇬🇧ENG Quick hello to you, my Friends ! Today I am feeling extremely lazy though still getting work done. Maybe it is because the strange weather - it is the end of September, sky is grey but still the air feels warm (around 15 degrees) and all of this mix makes me super-sleepy. 

This morning I did not want to make any special makeup, just freshen up a little and give a natural pop of colour for my lips. Sharing a few pictures and products I used ! 

🇱🇻LAT Šodien jūtos ļoti slinka, taču darbiņš jāpadara. Varbūt rudenīgās septembra debesis un neierastais siltums šim laikam (+15°C) liek man justies tik miegainai. Nebija noskaņojuma veidot kādu īpašu make-up, tāpēc pieturējos pie maksimāli dabīga izskata ar nelielu akcentu uz lūpām.

🇬🇧ENG Today's makeup step by step :

1. apply primer - I chose Angel Vein which is creamy but still with a little feeling of silicone. 

2. set the tone - because it was morning and I was going for a natural look, I used BB cream instead of foundation, which worked pretty well together with primer. 

3. open eyes - I have naturally dark eyelashes, so used this privilege and decided to skip mascara step, but used eye primer (not because it was super necessary today, but more because I am really addicted to eye primers since recent times) and a touch of light eyeshadows.

4. get some cheeks - I am more a bronzer than blush girl, especially in fall / winter as it gives an illusion of sun-touched face. The problem usually was, that almost all bronzers have shimmers, and when I kind of put up with it, I found IT - matte bronzer ! (If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands - clap, clap !)

5. prepare lips - lip primer does magic. You will see it at the end of the day.

6. contour lips - it may seem too much but believe me - lip pencil will make your make up look more accurate and it will be easier to apply lip colour !

7. put smile on your lips - and little colour, so your smile can be seen further. 


NYX Angel Vein
NYX BB Cream #01
NYX Matte Bronzer #01
NYX HD Eye Shadow Base
NYX Eye Shadows #83 Hot Single
NYX Lip Primer
NYX Retractable Lip Liner #06
NYX Lipstick #565

🇱🇻LAT Lai jums skaista pirmdiena, Draugi !