My Autumn Weekend Beauty Routine


ENG I love weekends. Two days that are only mine. No plans, no tasks - just living in the moment. I have my weekend rituals: sleep as much as possible, drink coffee with condensed milk (seriously, it beats latte with caramel syrup) and do my beauty routine. This is what I am most excited about because giving some love and care to your body always boosts up the mood.

There were times when I experimented with natural products (like this Oatmeal Face Mask) but now I am using packed goods. These are my favourite beauty products that I use to pamper myself after busy workweek and prepare for relaxing weekend. 

LAT Es mīlu nedēļas nogales. Pēdējā laikā tās izskatās aptuveni šādi : gulēt pēc iespējas ilgāk, dzert kafiju ar iebiezināto pienu un lutināt sevi ar mīļākajiem skaistumkopšanas līdzekļiem.


I feel like it needs special care after constant using of hair straightener. Recently I discovered this brand Alterna Haircare - it is made of ecological ingredients and does magic to my hair (btw, Katie Holmes is on board !). After washing I put Alterna Caviar Replenishing Moisture Masque for 5-10 minutes. It smells lemon-ish (like everything from their Caviar Series) and makes hair smooth, shiny and reduces frizz (after first time using it and drying hair my jaw dropped - the hair was so-o smooth). What I like the most is that these products (I also use Caviar Replenishing Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner) nourish hair from the inside so they get healed at the same time.


Nesen atklāju zīmolu Alterna Haircare, kas kļuva par manu favorītu acumirklī. Visi produkti ir veidoti no ekoloģiskām sastāvdaļām un dara brīnumus ar maniem spurainajiem matiem (starp citu, zīmola līdzīpašniece ir aktrise Keitija Holmsa). Matu maskai Alterna Caviar Replenishing Moisture Masque ir nepieciešamas tikai 5 minūtes, lai iekļūtu mata iekšienē un pabarotu to. Esmu sajūsmā par to, cik gludi un veselīgi mani mati kļūst pēc katras lietošanas reizes.


Christian Breton Masque De Beaute Dry Skin saved my skin last spring. I was using it 2, 3, 4 times a week (wa-ay more than recommended). During summer I didn't feel like my face needed extra care but now it's getting cold and windy so I am happy that my face mask is back. Basically it is like a very powerful face cream because you do not need to wash the mask off (though you can if you want). It infiltrates into skin in 5-10 minutes leaving it moisturised and oh-so-healthy-looking. 


Christian Breton Masque De Beaute Dry Skin izglāba manu sejas ādu pavasarī (kad es to lietoju 2,3,4 reizes nedēļā - daaaudz vairāk, nekā rekomendēts). Pēc vasaras pauzes atkal atgriezos pie šī brīnumlīdzekļa. Uzklāju vakarā un atstāju uz nakti kā krēmu, jo maska ļoti labi iesūcas, neatstājot pēc sevis nospiedumus.


My first ever eye cream Christian Breton Precious Gold Eye Cream (girl, you're 25 - it's time !!). I've been using it for half a year every evening and must report results: dark circles under eyes have disappeared. I don't have wrinkles yet so I have no practical prove of its power on them BUT I feel like it could work in this field too. You know, caviar and gold...


Mans pirmais acu krēms Christian Breton Precious Gold Eye Cream (25 gadi, kā nekā, pieprasa !!). Tas redzami samazina tumšos lokus zem acīm, bet visvairāk man patīk mazie mirdzumiņi, kuri paliek pēc krēma uzklāšanas.


I am not the girl who's taking any chance to cover herself into lotions and creams but once a week I nourish my skin with something. This The Body Shop Vanilla Body Butter have been discontinued and I managed to get the last one on the previous sale. Miks says that I am smelling as pastry but it's ok for me !

Wow, this post turned out longer than I planned. Nevertheless, looks like rain is coming so I am going to read Fifty Shades, watch Season 2 of Bunheads and eat cookies. Let me know in comments below what is your weekend like ? Do you have a routine ? What are your favourite beauty products right now ?


Neesmu no tiem, kuri noklāj sevi ar losjoniem / sviestiem / krēmiem katru dienu, bet reizi nedēļā man patīk palutināt ķermeni ar ko īpašu. The Body Shop Vanilla Body Butter liek man smaržot pēc konditorejas (viena no mīļākajām smaržām pasaulē). 

ENG Thank you for reading and sharing your current reading list ! Have great weekend !

LAT Ko tu dari brīvdienās ? Kādi ir tavi mīļākie sevis lutināšanas produkti ?