🇬🇧🇱🇻Draw Eyeliner With Aquabrow ?


DISCLAIMER : This post was created before my switch to cruelty-free lifestyle.
Šis raksts tika veidots pirms manas pārejas uz cruelty-free dzīvesveidu.

ENG I love when one product can be used in various ways, don't you ? It saves space on the make-up shelf and reduces pain of choice. Being inspired by the latest lecture at Make Up For Ever store, I was keen to try their suggested way of using eyebrow corrector.

Aquabrow is mainly used for filling and defining brows. I am using it since it has launched in Latvia and have habituated to it all of my girlfriends. The formula is gel like, getting dry after a minute or so. It is the best product for brows because :
1. it stays the whole day (even 24 hours, even 48 hours - if you go to woods for a weekend and do not wash face (btw never happened to me))
2. it is waterproof (your brows will live through rain, shower steam and even swimming (if you are not diving))
3. it perfectly fills gaps (our generation witnessed plucked eyebrow times at the most dangerous age - teenage years, when we were less thinking, more doing and we did it. This is the saviour for those hairs, that do not grow back.)
4. it blends easily (which means that you can add little colour to inner corners, not looking like artificial clown).

Getting back to the theme ! I tried to draw eyeliner with Aquabrow. As expected, the line was easy to draw, it stayed perfectly for the whole day and there was no problem removing it. Even more - I fell in love with brown liner. Before this day, I was afraid of any colour, except black, but turns out that brown eyes and same eyeliner go hand in hand. It looks more soft and even romantic but emphasises eyes as good as the black one. 

LAT Man patīk, kad vienu produktu var izmantot vairākos veidos (it īpaši, ja tas ir dārgs produkts !). Iedvesmojoties no pēdējās MUFE lekcijas, nolēmu uzvilkt lainera līniju ar savu brūno Aquabrow.

Kā gaidīts, lainera liniju bija viegli uzvlikt, tā turējās visu dienu un noņemšana nesagādāja problēmas. Vēl vairāk - es iemīlējos brūnā lainera līnijā, kas neizskatās tik spilgta ka melnā, bet tajā pašā laikā izceļ acis.