🇬🇧🇱🇻Make Up For Ever Lecture on Holiday Look


DISCLAIMER : This post was created before my switch to cruelty-free lifestyle.
DISCLAIMER : Šis raksts tika veidots pirms manas pārejas uz cruelty-free dzīvesveidu.

ENG They say that learning process never ends and I absolutely agree. Though I do not long for lectures and student life at all, I am always open for learning new things and smartening my skills. Makeup is one of my passions - I consider it as a way to express oneself, to highlight the mood of an outfit and great way to play and have some creative and practical fun !

Today I was happy to attend lecture on holiday look organised by Make Up For Ever in the shop / salon Poetica. Oh, I got so much inspiration ! Surely, I've been checking makeup tutorial videos all the time but seeing such a high class professional work in life, explaining all the details and being able to ask questions during the process is incredible !

This particular makeup is quite bold, with a hint of arabic style - basically an open contour eye which gets wings. You can check this video from MUFE page which will give you hint on what we saw being done. This is more advanced level technique which is taught on 3rd level in MUFE Academy but I believe that "practise makes perfect" so we will try it, won't we ?

These lectures are organised once a month, every time having a different theme and the best part - they are absolutely free for everyone ! All you need to do is subscribe to Poetica newsletter, so that you will receive info when the next lecture will be held ! 

P.S. This is not a sponsored post and I am not paid or anyhow compensated for it. I write only about things that I've tried, I like and would suggest to my best friends !

LAT Man make-up ir sevis izpaušanas veids, ar kuru parādu noskaņojumu, paspilgtinu tērpu un spēlējos uz nebēdu.

Ļoti priecājos par iespēju apmeklēt Make Up For Ever lekcijas salonā Poetica. Tik daudz iedvesmas ! Iespēja vērot īstus profesionāļus un uzdot jautājumus ir nenovērtējama.

Lekcijas tiek organizētas reizi mēnesī un katrā no tām tiek parādīts cits make-up. Pats labākais - tās ir par brīvu ! Atliek tikai pierakstīties, lai saņemtu Poetica jaunumus epastā.