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DISCLAIMER : This post was created before my switch to cruelty-free lifestyle.

ENG "I want this to be a place where women feel welcomed and appreciated." said Elina, creator and owner of one of the fanciest nail salons in Riga - Kichy Kuko. Let me tell you - this babe knows what she is talking about ! Located little aside from the busiest centre of the city, this is a place where you once founded, will return again and again.

What kind of nails do you want to have ? Imagine your wildest design (including every possible colour, design, illustration, sticker, sparkles / glitters, crystals, patterns ... ) - you can have it all ! And even more, if you lack imagination because Kuko girls definitely have tons of ideas ! As I always have a problem making choices (and I blame it on my Gemini sign), it seems like a catastrophe to choose between 50 shades of gel nail colours, 6 kinds of glitters, Swarovski elements and more than 80 styles of stickers. Though I know about nail products less than I should, I thought I will mention for those of you who are interested, that Kichy Kuko is the only salon in Latvia using Akzents Luxio gel nail colours which is said to be breathing and keeping nails maximum healthy and undamaged. From my experience, without sophisticated words, I can swear my nails got even better after two times manicure ! For those with damaged nails, there is also a great option of curing with IBX or Japanese manicure.

That was about nails but that is not the end of a story ! Are you ready for some tasty stuff ? Cause Kichy Kuko knows how to spoil girls ! Tea or coffee ? Latte or cappuccino ? Caramel or chocolate milk ? Plus candies and cookies, whatever you choose ! And if you are a cake lover, you should definitely arrange an appointment on Wednesday because it is official Cake Day in the salon. Sounds already amazing, but wait for it, there is one thing more for those in a special mood - how about a glass of wine ? Don't worry, it is all included in price (which by the way is just above the average and counting in all extras seems very, very affordable !). So, let the party begin !

Last notes to mention : you can get done mani & pedi at the same time (in a very comfortable chair by the way), there is a free parking space and a playground for kids (warning - kids may not want to leave so easily !) and after it all  - 7 days guarantee that your nails will stay perfect no matter what kichy - crazy design you've got (and if not, then you will get all necessary corrections free of charge).

Check the last nail design I got at Kichy Kuko, made for a special dress which you will see very soon on the blog too ! Are you hooked up ? Ha, I thought, you will be ! See you at Kichy Kuko, having girly conversations, drinking caramel lattes and getting you unique nails done (be ready for many compliments afterwards !) !

LAT Es vēlos, lai sievietes šeit jūtas gaidītas un aprūpētas - saka Elīna, nagu dizaina salona Kichy Kuko radītāja un vadītāja. Reizi iegriežoties šeit, tu noteikti atgriezīsies.

Iedomājies jebkādus nagus - visas trakākās fantāzijas šeit tiek realizētas. Un pat ja nezini, ko gribi (kā es, parasti), meitenes pašas piedāvās idejas. Salonā tiek lietota gēllaka Akzents Luxio, kura ļauj nagiem elpot un saglabā tos maksimāli veselīgus. Sabojātiem nagiem tiek piedāvāts IBX un Japānas manikīrs.

Kamēr pucē nagus (starp citu, var reizē taisīt mani & pedi), tevi palutinās arī ar gardu kafiju (šokolādes vai karameļu pienu ?), konfektēm, cepumiem, bet trešdienās arī ar kūku. Vakaros pirms ballītes var iesildīties arī ar vīna glāzi - viss iekļauts cenā ! Kura nav nemaz tik astronomiska, ņemot vērā servisu.

Manu manikīru variet apskatīt ŠAJĀ RAKSTĀ. Tagad visiem iesaku tikai Kichy Kuko !