🇬🇧🇱🇻Miit Coffee & Bikes

ENG Every month we have a tradition to gather for a Saturday brunch. By we I mean ex-coursmates, current colleagues and above all - friends. And every time, since the first brunch in spring, we come to the same place. Ladies and gentlemen, please meet Miit ! (I could not resist to this word-joke, sorry !).

The place is simple but so cozy and warm ! Interior with its grey walls, wooden bar and tables and minimalistic decor is unobtrusive and leather sofas are loudly whispering to just lay down and chill for the rest of an afternoon. If you're popping there for a morning coffee, I suggest to choose a place behind table-bar in front of window, instead of a big sofa, because otherwise you'll realise that your morning latte has seamlessly moved to lunchtime (as everything else on the blog - written from personal experience). 

All coffee fans will be pleased to see different kinds of coffee on the menu (and I am not talking about latte - cappuccino - syrup - flavour types but about coffee preparation forms !). When you got done with your coffee preference, by yourself or with friendly help of baristas (for dummies like me who thought that black coffee is simply black and end of a sentence), you can dip into a pool of cookie, cake or brunch menu choice. So, here I am, still excited about colourful pancakes because 1) I love pancakes, 2) all these colours somehow made me so cheerful. Surely, I tasted ALL : original (no flavour), with poppies, green with spinach (which did not taste like veggies at all ! just a little salty), PINK with beets (I guess these were the most exciting, guess why, ha !) and brown with chocolate. Plus wide range of fillings starting from green, fluffy salad leaves, cherry tomatoes, fresh herbs (so fresh that they were still growing in pots on table !), fruits and most important - the sweet range of sauces (could not distinguish what is what but aaagh who cares, as long as it makes your taste buds celebrate).

Did I mention that is vegetarian and vegan place ? Well, it is ! But I got so overwhelmed by large choice of yummies that did not even notice absence of meat section (and who wants meat if there is a vanilla sauce with nuts - seeds mix ?).

We are definitely continuing our brunch tradition here though I have a feeling that soon we will have to make reservations for a table, as usually in the middle of Saturday both two rooms are packed with people - both local and tourists, who are starting weekend enjoying relaxed atmosphere, friendly company and delicious, healthy meal.

As you've noticed from the title, Miit is not only about coffee, it also has a bike shop, which is a different story - hopefully I will tell you it someday too !

LAT Reizi mēnesī mēs ar vecajiem kursabiedriem savācamies uz branču Miitā. Un katru reizi (parasti tā ir sestdiena) vieta ir piebāzta ! Tāpēc mēs nākam uz 10-11, lai pirmie ieņemtu galdiņu un tiktu pie pankūkām.

Šeit pasniedz veģetāru un vegānu ēdienu, kas, manuprāt, ir AWESOME, lai gan daudziem vīriešiem pietrūkst gaļas. Mani vienmēr iepriecina krāsainās pankūkas - īpaši rozā. Taču visvairāk šī vieta patiks tieši kafijas mīļotājiem, jo šeit var nogaršot dažādi pagatavotu kafiju. Nevaru jums pastāstīt neko sīkāk, jo neesmu eksperts (kas pierādījās tad, kad palūdzu melnu kafiju un pajautāja kuru ?) (es sajutos kā super-netrendīgs cilvēks) (bet tā galīgi nebija baristas vaina, jo viņa bija ļoti jauka un izvēlējās manā vietā). 

Esmu šeit bijusi arī darbadienas rītā un piektdienas vakarā uz svinībām - visās dienās un visos laikos šeit ir forši.