🇬🇧🇱🇻Mū Cafe


ENG Usually, as we shoot a look at a cafe, we also snap some pics for PLACES posts. During last photoshoot we wandered into Mū Cafe, located a little way out of busiest city centre and a little bit closer to my home (yeeey !). This Saturday morning I had a girlfriend date here and I'm getting a feeling that Mū is conquering its place in my favourite spots' top.

The first impression of the place - so small and so bright ! But somehow it manages to receive all people - girlfriends' meetups, lazy dates, parents with kids and tourist families. White walls, wooden elements, bright details and mix of modern minimalism with sprinkle of vintage gives very relaxing and comfortable feeling. As my friend noticed, the background music calms you and gives illusion that all rush and stress have been left outside the window. So, our morning coffee continued till late lunch time - it was just too good.

Mū Cafe was opened last summer, offering frozen yoghurt made from real, natural, farmer's milk. When hot season ended, they changed menu to brownies, muffins, cookies, sandwiches, pancakes and even soups and lunches, still remaining to use only best local products - best flour, real eggs, butter, milk, local farmer's veggies and freshly baked bread. All goodies are cooked behind the kitchen door and taste like homemade (more of these "every-weekend-baking" homemade types, definitely not my homemade stuff, haha). 

Linda, the owner is so nice and warm person - she is welcoming all guest by herself and I think that it is really awesome, because you feel special and truly awaited. I forgot to ask her, how the name was born but after the first bite of coconut flavoured brownie a loud "m-mm-mm" came out of me, so I will stick to my theory of "m+mm=Mū".

Come here, if you are ready to add one truly great place to your favourites ! It is positive, light, amazingly tasty and truly healthy - sounds perfect, right ?

LAT Maza un krāsaina vietiņa - gan interjera, gan cilvēku ziņā. Šeit nāk pārīši, vecāki ar bērniem, draudzenes un tūristi. 

Mū Cafe tika atvērts pagāšvasar, piedāvājot saldējumu no īsta lauku piena. Kad karstā sezona beidzās, ēdienkartē tika ieviesti brauniji, mafini, cepumi, sendviči, pankūkas un pat zupas un pusdienas. Visu gatavo no vietējiem produktiem, izvēloties tikai pašu labāko.

Pozitīva, gaiša vieta ar veselīgiem gardumiem - skan ideāli, vai ne ?