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ENG Those who are privileged with opportunity to live or escape for some time out of city know the peace and power of nature that helps to calm down and recharge. Everyone has their own favourite spots - meadows, woods, lakes, rivers or seaside (lucky Latvians !). I was happy to grow up in suburbs of capital city surrounded by woods and thus pines and spruces are totally my thing (and, of course, sea - seems like salty water runs through locals' veins). 

Right in the middle of rushing Riga centre there is a peaceful oasis - Restaurant Terra - a place to feel closer to roots. From Latin Terra translates as earth, ground and reflects the main concept of their fooding : carrots, potatoes, celery, ginger, onions and many other vitamin and mineral packed underground miracles served in healthy, fresh, simple meals. Terra is friendly to vegetarians, vegans and mommies by offering a wide range of no-glutamate, not genetically modified vegetable products and meals that are also gluten-free and diary-free.

The menu consists of four categories : soups, salads, warm dishes and wraps, that you can assemble on your own preferences with available products that change depending on season. Just go to the food bar where all ingredients are kept in front of your sight and make your unique meal ! Do not worry if you cannot decide - the chef have sketched down few pretty interesting combinations that you can order. For those sweet-lovers (welcome to the club !) Terra has prepared desserts and candies that go very well together with a cup of Illycoffee.

Wooden interior, entertaining details, candles and chilly music welcomes all and everyone to experience healthy, natural and delicious meal. Terra has thought of everything - breakfast menu, coffee to go, intimate dinner places and high tables for weekend friends brunches. The most important thing - Terra puts a style sprinkle on natural eating that is a wonderful encouragement for keeping up with healthy lifestyle ! 

LAT Steidzīgajā Rīgas centrā ir viena miera oāze - Terra. Vieta, kur var sajusties tuvāk saknēm - no latīņu valodas vārds terra tulkojas kā zeme, kas ataino arī ēdiena filosofiju.

Ēdienkarte sastāv no 4 kategorijām : zupas, salāti, siltie ēdieni un vrapi, kurus var izveidot pēc savas garšas no piedāvātajiem sezonas produktiem. Ja nevariet izvēlēties, pašpikojiet no kādas gatavās receptes ! Pie Illy tases var nobaudīt arī mafinu vai kādu citu gardumu. Terra ir draudzīga vieta veģetāriešiem un vegāniem, kā arī tiem, kuri meklē bezglutēna pārtiku. 

Terra piešķir vienkāršam, dabīgam, vietējam un veselīgam ēdienam stila odziņu, padarot to tiešām iekārojamu.