Sunset on Beach

This was THE summer day of the season and, luckily, I had an opportunity to spend it on the beach. The temperature reached +30°C in the city but here it was mostly cloudy and even chilly in the afternoon. 

White Shirt Love

Heey, Friends ! I hope you are having fabulous Monday ! I am at the office, though it's hard to call like that this creative and stylish place. Still, I am wearing a lot this white shirt that looks like casual work attire.  It gives me feeling of seriousness and sets on a productive mood in the free environment.

Nude Lace & Sports Shoes

This lace... oh, it makes me feel almost naked. But I love it. Not the naked feeling but beautiful ornaments, mysterious translucence and gentle colour. It takes me back to some time in the middle of last century when women were so feminine, romantic and always wearing full skirts.

Summer Solstice

This week started with holidays that felt like heaven since I have no longer my summer breaks. And never will have again. Only vacations, hopefully long and exotic. Back to reality - I was celebrating Summer Solstice in Latvian traditions first time in my life !

Lip Crop Top

That day was Saturday and that weather was summer. Two days later I am wrapped back in my winter scarf, swimming my way through the city rain. I cannot believe it !! Summer was so close - I felt it shimmer on my bare arms wearing just a crop top under hot sun.


Sunny days are back ! Hip hip hurray ! Long weekend of Easter celebrations has passed leaving me little calendar - confused as today felt like a Monday instead of Tuesday (did you feel the same ?!). I hope you had a wonderful holiday time with your beloved people because happiness is real only when shared (my recent favourite quote that I use on every possible occasion).

Spring Mint

Hey, Peeps ! I hope you are doing great wherever you are on the planet - I've checked analytic and was surprised to see that you come here from all around the world. Thank you so much for reading and supporting Peppercakes !

Baby Blue and Gold

Yesterday evening I've been thinking about society's attitude to inner - outer beauty relation. I guess cultural differences vary in countries but as I grew up it was taught that being smart is better than being beautiful. Well, maybe not so radically, but you see the point.

Spring Trench Coat

Yesterday was one of the sunniest days in weeks and for a moment it felt like spring is here ! Hopes up - hopes down, cause this morning we woke up to the usual grey sky. On first warm days I just want to draw out my light boots and beige coats and stuff all winter outerwear in the back of my closet. Usually it ends up by crawling back in the depth of my wardrobe and getting back those winter items, so this year I did not rush - and this was right thing to do !


Happy Valentine's Day, dear Friends ! I have never been actually celebrating this day much but I tend to look at it as a reminder in our busy lives to show our love and another reason to do something nice for each other. 

Double Checked

I love dressing up and how it states here on the blog - I think dressing up should be fun ! But there are these days when I want to feel cozy, loose and like "meh, I don't care". This is a moment when I usually reach for boyfriend jeans and big t-shirt, pushing back all heels to grab a pair of flats. 

Last Day of 2014 & Happy New Year !

I can not believe it is almost end of 2014 - just few hours left and we are stepping into the New Year ! Though I read this morning an article which said that actually nothing special happens at midnight, that it is just the next moment in our continuous time flow, I think that this is very special moment and everyone can make it as important and dazzling as one wishes it to be. The great power of human mind to colour every drop of lifetime and make it unforgettable !

Fashion Video E#01

My dear Friends, I am so happy and proud to announce this new fashion video we have filmed specially for Peppercakes ! That was one great collaboration between my super cool and creative friends who by the way do not know each other but looks like all elements mixed together worked out awesome !

Riga Fashion Week // Pohjanheimo Couture

Fashion Week went so fast ! The last show of RFW on Saturday evening was held by Estonian brand Pohjanheimo Couture whose designs are very popular in Scandinavia, Baltic States and even St. Petersburg. Though I have not heard about Pohjanheimo before (and there too many designers I still do not know - is it even possible to be familiar with all of them if you are anything less than Anna Wintour?), I was happy to get to know this high-fashion brand.