Golden Strings


Photos by : MIKS RAMĀNS

Fall is the time when old leaves drop down, giving last effort to show nature's beauty. It is time to clear our minds, forget past experiences and turn over a new, white page to write our destiny. I wish I could liberate as gracious as trees do - becoming more and more beautiful, delighting people around and unnoticeably becoming free of old leaves, ready for a next chapter.

I will dare to say that this is my favourite Autumn yet. Not because of weather - there had been waaay to more sunny and beautiful seasons in my life. But this is somehow different. First of all, this is the first Fall when I am not a student and nevertheless I truly enjoyed my field of studies (c'mon we are talking about MOVIES !!!), I feel so happy to be free to manage my time and energy on things I want to do, things I dream to do and activities that get me closer to my goals. Secondly, this season marked some personal changes too - inevitable losses, few adaptations and some unexpected surprises. 

Life is not perfect and it should not be because it would be quite boring, wouldn't ? Realising this makes me feel little older (or maybe more mature ? could it be the same ?) but at the same time there is no point of being scared of ageing because it is as natural as falling leaves and there is nothing anyone can do about it. I don't want to be perfect anymore, I want to be happy. Happiness, what are you ?

Bag - LYDC London | Sweater - Sweewe Paris | Blouse - New Look | Leggings - Select | Shoes - F&F (shop at DE'ŽAVU VINTAGE BOUTIQUE LATVIA)