Riga Fashion Week // Pohjanheimo Couture


Photos by : MIKS RAMĀNS

Fashion Week went so fast ! The last show of RFW on Saturday evening was held by Estonian brand Pohjanheimo Couture whose designs are very popular in Scandinavia, Baltic States and even St. Petersburg. Though I have not heard about Pohjanheimo before (and there are too many designers I still do not know - is it even possible to be familiar with all of them if you are anything less than Anna Wintour?), I was happy to get to know this high-fashion brand.

What I've noticed first of all was ... music ! Like every third guest in the room, I was sitting with my phone opened, only instead of camera / Instagram, I was Shazaming the music. Check my search result in the end of the post ! As for designs - they look so simple on the first glance but the cut, materials and details are what makes them perfect. Berets brought some old Parisian charm and made otherwise straight and firm looks more ladylike.

I was wearing one of favourite pieces of my wardrobe - 50's inspired vintage skirt which I found quite a time ago in my usual vintage shop but this time timing does not matter, as it is old by default. You might not seen the skirt on the blog, but believe me, I am wearing it wa-ay too much ! 

Maybe because of Fashion Week, or that I have tried on couple of pieces,  I started to value more local designers work and little by little become even a fan. I even start to dream of completing a whole wardrobe only of Latvian designer pieces (just let me become little richer, hehe !). But seriously, knowing how much time and effort it takes to create a whole collection of clothes if you are not something like Marc Jacobs, makes me respect designers so much more !

Skirt - Vintage | Sweater - Sweewe Paris