Red & White

Well, well weather has been spoiling us here in Riga - September feels like summer ! But don't be fooled as sun is tricky and right now I am drinking rosehips tea with lemon and honey and fighting upcoming cold (hope that a good night sleep will do the last winning hit !). 

I remember, when I was little, I was told that red is "my colour" because it looks good with my dark hair and brown eyes. And of course, feeling rebellious about adults opinions, I decided that red is too serious for me and avoided it for long time. Now I am slowly resuming my relationship with this colour - starting from red lips, accessories and occasionally daring to reach for a red top. This time I wanted to stay simple but bold, combining white and red - no ornaments or excessive elements - just clear colours.

Have you noticed bistro "Pipars" behind me ? I saw it only when reviewing photos ! "Pipars" in latvian means "pepper" and today it suits the look, doesn't it ? 

Top, Bag, Shoes - Atmosphere / Jeans - H&M 

Look by : De'Žavu Vintage Boutique Latvia