Coral on Pastel


Outfit is not only affirmation of personal taste, mindset and mood, it also helps to integrate into surrounding space and events. More official or distance I feel, more strict and classic my clothing choice tends to be, while when feeling relaxed and comfortable, I dress up more loosely and free. 

Lately I've been trying to live on a slow pace, enjoying every moment and giving myself right to be late, incomplete and little lazy sometimes. But, gosh, somehow, when you least expect it, rush just comes in ! And the most dangerous are hurry mornings because they set the hectic mood for a whole day. So at days like this, I prefer to wear more applied pieces like jackets which helps me gather myself and be more focused on the huge to-do list. 

Now let's take a deep breath, calm down and smile ! We have half of the week to do some great stuff, so let's do it ! 


Jacket, Blouse - Atmosphere / Jeans - DenimLo. / Shoes - New Look

Look by : De'Žavu Vintage Boutique Latvia