Pink Flamingo by Ecattus


Style by : Katherine Drozdovich

Photos by : Anastasia Drozdovich

The Fall has officially started (even by a natural calendar, so there is no way out), and so we are literally catching every glimpse of sun that reminds a little bit of summer. While Ecattus is preparing new collection, I was lucky to get few glimpses of their summer selection. 

Can clothes make a person happy ? Well, yeah, if they are so positive and comfortable (and pink, but it is secondary and only for me, huh) !  I mean, can you NOT smile seeing a pink flamingo walking down the streets of city ? 

Ecattus which is known also as Eduardo Cattus is not just a clothing brand - it is a dream come true for two sisters who have been spending their days in mother's sewing workshop since early age. Their clothes reflect sisters values and attitude - living with fun, working creative and original and feeling comfy. Designs look simple but interesting and this elementary somehow gives vibe of simple confidence, openness and truthfulness - as you do not need to hide behind clothes, logos and brands.

We have shot also another variation of how to style these sweatshirts in a more feminine and chick way, so stay updated, Friends ! Wishing you sunny rest of the week ! Wear some pink and smile !

Sweatshirt - Pink Flamingo by Ecattus (shop here)

Coat - Sonnetir (shop at De'Žavu Vintage Boutique Latvia)

Jeans - Amisu / Shoes - Lorenzo / Backpack - H&M