Lip Crop Top


That day was Saturday and that weather was summer. Two days later I am wrapped back in my winter scarf, swimming my way through the city rain. I cannot believe it !! Summer was so close - I felt it shimmer on my bare arms wearing just a crop top under hot sun.

Ok, there was a coat left outside the frame. These hot pop-up days are awesome because we can combine pieces from different seasons, making unusual looks - like wearing heavy boots and light shirt. We shot these pics when I stopped for a quick visit on this year's first BMX Flatland Open Jam. The event was held by Olympic Sports Centre which has this lavender colour wall and I just couldn't resist posing in front of it.

I am wearing faux leather midi length pleated skirt (not afraid of big leather pieces anymore !) and cropped top with tangerine lips. Btw, I even bought matching lipstick to wear especially with this top. Later this week I am posting pics / video from the event so you can see what boys are doing with these bikes ...

Top - Terranova / Pleated Skirt - Orange