Summer Solstice

Photos by : Miks Ramāns

This week started with holidays that felt like heaven since I have no longer my summer breaks. And never will have again. Only vacations, hopefully long and exotic. Back to reality - I was celebrating Summer Solstice in Latvian traditions first time in my life !

Everyone knows that it rains during those dates but c'mon - winter tights under dress, hoodie AND outdoor jacket was waa-ay too much for middle of June. Global warming, are you alive ? Nevertheless, in the evening rain stopped and we went to a green hill by forest where giant bonfire was lit and Latvian traditional games were played. Though they looked funny from viewers point, I really enjoyed all the dancing, singing and coquetry.

On second day weather was warm and even sunny so we decided to take some pictures. I am wearing my old, old white floral dress from Mango which is my favourite summer look for 4?/5? seasons (simply since I bought it). I spotted this hat while grocery shopping and tried it on as a joke (kid's having fun fitting things) and yet it stayed with me. Now I just need sun to come out.

Dress - Mango | Hat - unknown | Flats - DKNY | Bag - Mohito