My Casual Outfit

Photos by : Miks Ramāns

I thought that summer will bring new colours to my wardrobe and, yes, it did. Only I am not wearing them. At least not as much as I planned. Ok, there is considerable decrease in black but grey is still dominating (omg, this expression reminds me of certain book I've finished reading today). 

I found a new colour combination for myself. Funnily as it may sound - the classic black&white. I always considered it too strong to wear on any occasion except first day of school or graduating exams BUT... now I love it ! It feels fresh and serious, powerful and clean. My new white sports shoes and white bag ensures the lightest colour range while my constant inclination towards black pieces composes the dark side. 

This week I tried to Snapchat little and it was so much fun. My snaps are quite inconsistent because I am not used to this social media, so they happen only when I remember, ha. You can find me by username @lindenee (same as Instagram). Are you on Snapchat ? Leave your usernames in comments or send my PM - I would love to see what's going on in your life !

T-shirt - Reserved | Skirt - Vintage | Shoes - H&M | Cluctch - Mohito