White Shirt Love

Photos by : Miks Ramāns

Heey, Friends ! I hope you are having fabulous Monday ! I am at the office, though it's hard to call like that this creative and stylish place. Still, I am wearing a lot this white shirt that looks like casual work attire.  It gives me feeling of seriousness and sets on a productive mood in the free environment.

Talking about work - I had always been a total workaholic but recently I have been thinking more and more about personal and professional life balance. On the weekend I spent some quality time with family and friends and accidentally found a book about happy family life. Can't tell you much about it now because I have just passed first chapters but I feel it will be good. And will shift my perspective.

Switching back to my outfit - I bought this jacket for the wedding a week before. As predicted, I am wearing it all the time with everything. That is called a good buy, right ? I wish I could pack all my faux leather pants and skirts and put in the depth of closet but... this summer is against dresses. 

Do you like wearing white shirt ?

Jacket - H&M Conscious | Shirt - Reserved | Pants - Orange