Nude Lace & Sports Shoes

Photos by : Miks Ramāns

This lace... oh, it makes me feel almost naked. But I love it. Not the naked feeling but beautiful ornaments, mysterious translucence and gentle colour. It takes me back to some time in the middle of last century when women were so feminine, romantic and always wearing full skirts.

To dilute this uncompromised sweetness I wore this blouse with leather skirt which is, yes, pleated but heavy enough to balance light top. And, of course, finally after seeing this trend everyday in every other style picture, I combined sports shoes to the outfit. Viktorija was right - once you try wearing sports shoes with casual outfits, you will not want to change them. 

I hope you are having fabulous start of July ! We had a pretty hot weekend that I finally spent resting without remorse about things I should do (YEEEY). Now it's going to rain for a whole week and I guess we can catch up on summer reading list, don't we ?  

Blouse - Vila | Skirt - Orange | Shoes - H&M | Bag - Parfois