Little Vintage, Little Blue


Photos by : Edvards Kukainis   

Style by : Katherine Drozdovich

Make-up by : Elīna Pūce 

Look by : De' Žavu Vintage Boutique Latvia

Honestly, the story goes like this (absolutely not-planned and almost unbelievable) : after blog's vacation I was keen to resume all the busy planning, managing, styling, shooting and fun above all of this. So I phoned my best photographer Edvards and luckily he was free for a shoot just the next day. That afternoon, hanging out with girlfriends and drinking cacao before a movie premiere, an idea of Katherine helping me styling tomorrow's photoshoot popped up. Late that evening Elina messaged me, asking if I wanted to get 1930's makeup next morning and as you see, I gratefully agreed ! And as a cherry on top of an already tasty cake, Edvard's friends came to help with some technical stuff and film backstage - can't wait to see video and share it with you, dears !

With help of Katherine, I finally got curate to dig into vintage section at De'Žavu (which is like REAL vintage, not the stylised one - these clothes were made and worn by people in the last century!). I loved this dress, as soon as I tried it on because it felt so feminine and dressy, and can easily see myself wearing it to theatre or art gallery opening together with dark-gold heels (also seen here complementing look with damson-coloured pants). 

This was one of the most fun photoshoot so far ! Thanks to my friends who supported me and helped to make this happen ! 

Dress - Vintage / Clutch - Metro Bagz / Shoes - Atmosphere