My Weekend Beauty Routine

I love weekends. Two days that are only mine. No plans, no tasks - just living in the moment. I have my weekend rituals: sleep as much as possible, drink coffee with condensed milk (seriously, it beats latte with caramel syrup) and do my beauty routine. This is what I am most excited about because giving some love and care to your body always boosts up the mood.

June's Favourites - Beauty Products

Luckily, I was one of these children and teenagers who had good skin and went through with few pimples now and then. Thus, I was all about make-up and did not care much about skin care. Who needs some transparent liquids that do not give any seeming result ? Man, I was wrong. 


February's Favourites - Beauty Products

February is on its finish line so it is time to round up my favourite beauty products I've been using for past weeks. After my shopping trip to Inglot I was keen to try all of them and was very glad that my high expectations were met. As usual, I used all products on regular basis and found them good enough to suggest for you !

January's Favourites - Beauty Products

January has been all about natural look, minimal makeup with emphasis on face & hair care products. Today I am giving you a brief insight into my favourite beauty products. All of them have been in my makeup box for at least a month, used regularly and fairly deserved my recommendations !

BEAUTY TIPS : Black Caraway Seed Oil

Being a supporter of healthy lifestyle for past few years, I gently stretch my boundaries from kitchen to makeup case. Of course, balanced diet is key for having healthy body, shining hair, smooth skin and strong nails but when your veggie - fruit - protein - slow carbs consumption is +/- put in order, you start to look for more, don't you ? 

MY MAKEUP : Christmas Party

One of the best things about Christmas is it lengths - 3 days is the greatest timing and I wish all holidays could last so long (imagine a pre-birthday evening, the birthday day and after-birthday day as an official ceremony, wouldn't it be nice ?). Family dinner, friends meeting, romantic evening - you can have it all ! And if you try more, you could even squeeze in a Christmasy event or / and a party.

MY MAKEUP : Theatre Evening

For last few weeks I've been experimenting with different eye shading techniques. Every week I am choosing one technique and practising it every day. The reason why I did not make any pictures to share until now is because ... I've got my camera eaten by an alien (or you can put here any of your favourite do-not-have-homework school excuses). 


The day when you wakeup, look through a window and see all white yard - the first snow day ! Now the season of candles, winter teas and Christmas songs has officially started (at least for me ! H&M, I will not be irritated by you Christmas music from now on !). Cold and dark evenings will not be so depressive anymore and cuddling under warm blanket with a book (or mostly laptop - let's be realistic) will become a very usual time-spending way.

MY MAKEUP : No Brushes

Hello from ice age ! How otherwise would you call a condition when -2 feels like -10 (according to weather app - I do not exagerate anything !). First cold is always a shock for body and skin and mine is already going coco-crazy dry and sensitive. I would rather dip my face in olive oil bath but when I need to go out and look good (and oily shine is NOT good-looking in any category), I try to use as little as possible products but still putting accents. 

MY MAKEUP : Matte Prague

Few days ago, which was actually last week (this is the thing with beginnings of weeks - on Monday even Sunday was last week instead of just yesterday and it sounds so old !), we went out for some photoshooting with a new Peppercakes team member who hopefully will stay with us for a lo-ong time. I decided to try out little bolder makeup than I usually wear and instead of making an accent on either lips or eyes, went for gradient afternoon shades and matte lips, excluding cheeks of the game.

MY MAKEUP : Red Lips and Eyeliner

Let's start this Monday with some makeup sharing ! I actually did this look on Friday because I was going to attend an event in the evening, so do not think that I am wearing bold red lips on Monday morning ! In the end I decided to skip the event and have a peaceful time at home but this fact doesn't affect overall picture as I pretty enjoyed my shimmery eyelids for a whole day.

Royal Breakfast Spa

Saturdays are all about relaxation - exploring the limits of sleep hours, having late brunch (because of a previous reason) and getting some "me-time". After five productive and creative work-week days I usually feel like my body needs some special treatment and the best way for me to start a weekend is to make a leisurely home-SPA session.