Makeup Tricks : Mixing

As I've mentioned before, I recently jumped into the world of Makeup (very surprisingly and unintentionally). Still have to learn so much and practise techniques, but I am really enjoying it ! I even put out of case all pots, jars, boxes, brushes, bottles and organised them on a shelf decorated with makeup pictures, light bulbs and flower accessories. Looks like a girly oasis !  

I am not going to do makeup tutorials because there are millions of them out there on the internet, and, honestly, I do not feel like a professional expert who can teach anyone to do this or that. But  I would like to share with you some of my favourite makeup tricks so far, hope they will be useful for you as well ! 


1. Primer + Foundation

You may know this trick already, but still it is one of the most popular and useful in everyday life. Mixing Primer with Foundation (you can variate with proportions depending on a structure of products and needs of your skin) is a great way to get fresh and flawless look for morning and daytime. It is lighter than foundation alone but still evens skin tone and covers little blemishes. Add super-little dose of pink blush on cheekbones and here you are - fresh and totally natural !


2. Light Foundation + Dark Foundation

This is my absolute favourite so far ! Although, it is not the simplest one, it is so worth to get good at doing this. First of all, mixing light and dark foundations is the best way to match the exact tone of the skin. Even if you are doing makeups just for yourself, it is useful to have light and dark foundations (note - it is very important that both of them are from the same brand and line, so they structures blend perfectly) because our skin tone changes from season to season. Especially in summer (and especially if you live in Latvia, where weather is swinging more frequent than canary is waving wings) when you get chocolatelly tanned after weekend and half whiter by next Thursday because it rains for half of a week. Second of all, you can use light and dark foundations for sculpting face (or contouring, as it is also called), instead of sculpting kit or powders. I use both techniques depending on occasion and makeup type and haven't decided yet which one I like more, but maybe we could make a research and find pros and cons of each ? Ok, just kidding, I will not torture you with this, haha.


3. Lip Colour + Foundation

Since I discovered this trick, it became one of my favourites (I want to write this phrase in every paragraph because all of these tricks are my favourites, sorry guys !). Mixing lip colour with foundation makes it less vibrant and more matte, which is perfect for morning / daytime because it gives just a little tone to lips, so they do not pop out but are emphasised enough. I usually put little bit of foundation on my hand, then take little amount of lip colour on a lip brush, mix them on my hand and put on lips with a brush. 


4. Eye Shadow + Fixator

The "falling off eyeshadows" problem is officially solved ! The technique is very simple : take eyeshadow with a brush and spray makeup fixator on the brush from 20-30cm distance. This will make eyeshadow not only long lasting, but also more vivid and precise to apply - ideal for a final touch for sparkling eyeshadows which do not need much blending.

If you are willing to disclose which makeup tricks you are using, you are welcome to share them in comments, I would highly appreciate it !