January's Favourites - Beauty Products


January has been all about natural look, minimal makeup with emphasis on face & hair care products. Today I am giving you a brief insight into my favourite beauty products. All of them have been in my makeup box for at least a month, used regularly and fairly deserved my recommendations !

Nutriganics Foaming Facial Wash by The Body Shop

Previously I've been using lotions, tonics, makeup removers and it always took so much effort (and so many cotton swabs !) to properly clean the face. This Facial Wash is my saviour - I take it with me in a shower, put one sprinkle on hand and wash the face. All makeup is removed instantly, face feels clean and fresh and it takes only 30 seconds !

Black Caraway Seed Oil by SAAR

I usually apply it on clean face before bedtime so it can do its magic during nighttime. And when I say MAGIC, I really mean it - no matter how wind-swept, cold-dried, winter-damaged my face skin feels in evening, it always is healed again in morning. About other benefits (including internal usage !) of Black Caraway Seed Oil you can read in THIS POST.

Body Lotion by BIO2YOU

This travel-size package is my go-to partner as I carry it even in clutches. Very light cream soaks into skin super-fast and do not leave oily traces. Mostly I used it as a hand cream but sometimes I even apply it on dry skin on cheeks and nose before foundation.

Lip Balm "Pirate's Secret Recipe" by Uoga Uoga

I know and love Uoga Uoga for few years already. This is our neighbourhood - Lithuanian - brand which produces 100% natural beauty products. Unfortunately, they stopped selling in shops in Latvia but I managed to grab this sea buckthorn flavoured lip balm from the last supply ! Check their online shop  !

Silk by Biosilk 

If you have not tried Biosilk, I bet you should ! It makes frizzy hair sleek and shiny and this small bottle last for few month. Since I discovered it, I am constantly re-buying this little magical swill.

Eyelash & Eyebrow Oil by Dzintars

A word of mouth is the best advertising - I heard about this oil from one makeup artist and was truly intrigued ! It can be used as an eyelash base before mascara and also applied on eyelashes and eyebrows as a caring product which nourishes them and helps to grow. My lashes already feel stronger ! Of course, it is always very nice feeling when using local brands !

Hope you found any useful guides for your next refilling of makeup cases ! If you have tried any of these products, feel free to leave a comment below with your opinion !