BEAUTY TIPS : Black Caraway Seed Oil



Being a supporter of healthy lifestyle for past few years, I gently stretch my boundaries from kitchen to makeup case. Of course, balanced diet is key for having healthy body, shining hair, smooth skin and strong nails but when your veggie - fruit - protein - slow carbs consumption is +/- put in order, you start to look for more, don't you ? 

For me quality of makeup is very important and I always choose only professional brands which are proved to be trusted by years of my personal and work experience. But when it comes to face and hair masks, scrubs and all this beauty stuff - I am a total hippie ! I love making my own beauty products from foods and different oils as I really feel like all nutrients are soaking in my skin and hair and giving strengths. Btw, check recipes of my current favourites - Oatmeal Face Mask and Coffee Body Scrub. My latest obsession is Black Caraway Seed Oil which can be used external and internal as well and with no exaggeration is a real superproduct !


About Black Caraway Seed Oil

Known for many centuries and wisely used by thousands clever people before us, this oil is packed with unique combination of biologically active substances. It has a characteristic aroma because of carvone (which is also found in dill seeds !). The oil is basically used internally as a cure for cold, cough, gastric disorders (and many, many more diseases with not beautiful names - you can check the whole long list here) and also tones immune system and lowers cholesterol levels (which I am sure nobody of us is concerned right now but let's just remember it for future !). Black Caraway Seed Oil can be also used on damaged skin and nails, healing and strengthening them.


Using for Beauty

Let me just express my true love for this beauty product at the very beginning so I will not bother you afterwards ! I have a tendency for dry skin on my face all year round but during winter it gets really awful - cold and sharp wind, temperature changes, 3 layers of scarf rubbing against my cheeks - and here I am all red and chapped.

So now I have a ritual : every or every other evening, depending on my skin condition, I put the oil on my face and let it do miracles during night. It soaks in very fast and do not leave any marks on pillows (even if you are sleeping with a face downwards like me). Believe me, you will not recognise yourself in the morning - and maybe even will not want to put any foundation on next morning, as your skin will look smooth, radiant and healthy. And the best part is that it works for oily skin too because the oil is balancing it and making just normal.

I've been also putting the oil on my hands as they are my second most problematic area during autumn / winter time and no hand cream could save them. My sister Laila is using this oil for nails, curing after non-stop nail polishing and the results are awesome !


Using for Health

Thankfully I feel pretty healthy right now and I am not that kind of person who would do any prophylaxis (except maybe doubling cranberries dose in my evening tea). But there is one thing which makes me literally crawl to the fridge after the bottle - tummy bloating. 1 teaspoon and 20 min later I feel alive again and swear not to drink red wine ever (omg, how cool is talking about bloating tummy on the blog :D). 


It is very important to note that I am talking about the particular Black Caraway Seed Oil from company ŠAAR. It is based in Latvia and all production goes here as well. Their oils are 100% natural and scientifically - medically tested. You can find this and other ŠAAR oils in local pharmacies, Riga Central Market and local fairs. 

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or contact me on social media ! Also, if you have already tried Black Caraway Seed Oil, I would love to hear your feedback ! Have a healthy - wealthy weekend, dear Friends !