February's Favourites - Beauty Products

February is on its finish line so it is time to round up my favourite beauty products I've been using for past weeks. After my shopping trip to Inglot I was keen to try all of them and was very glad that my high expectations were met. As usual, I used all products on regular basis and found them good enough to suggest for you !

Lip Balm by Douglas

Absolutely neutral lip balm - no scent, no colour. Moisturises lips immediately and gives very light and natural glow.

Eyebrow Pencil No.5 by Make Up For Ever

I do not hide being a fan of Make Up For Ever products - they are trustworthy and reliable. When my Aqua Brow tube got empty I felt too lazy carrying slanted brush with me so I decided to repurchase this eyebrow pencil which can be thrown even in tiniest purse to do some retouches during a night out. But, honestly, I did not use this option because it stays so well and does not smudge even in snowy-rainy weather !

Dry Shampoo Osis+ by Schwarzkopf

The first and only dry shampoo I have ever used and I am totally into it ! It makes hair light and matte in moments so it is hard to gather myself for session of hairwash, blowdry and straightening - curling finish. That's why I hid it in depth of wardrobe and use only in times of emergency (which started to happen more often, ha).

Perfect Lenght & Define Mascara by Inglot

The brush reminds very old ones from our granny times but it perfectly divides lashes and gives this "natural but little bolder" look, not leaving any extra clews. The mascara is not waterproof but survives humid air conditions excellent.

Kohl Pencil No.01 by Inglot

I just fell in love with this pencil - it slides on very easily, smudges with no effort and afterwards stays in place as a trained soldier. Appropriate for inner lash line as well which allows it to be a fair competitor to liquid eyeliner.

Freedom System Eye Shadow Matte No.60 & No.331 by Inglot

I bought these two refills for a photoshoot and since then played with them few times at home. At first sight yellow colour may look scary but it is such great compliment in any colourful makeup - and it does not give the sick look at all ! I am content with the pigmentation, structure and resistance so, saying it simply - very good eye shadows !

Hope you found something new for yourself too ! If you are willing to share your favourite beauty products, leave a comment please ! Have a beautiful day !