June's Favourites - Beauty Products

Luckily, I was one of these children and teenagers who had good skin and went through with few pimples now and then. Thus, I was all about make-up and did not care much about skin care. Who needs some transparent liquids that do not give any seeming result ? Man, I was wrong. 

Middle 20's is when it all comes out - dehydration, sleepless nights, late night cookies, occasional glass of wine (/ tequila shot) and lack of care. So I've dived into skincare. Creams, masks, lotions & tonics - my morning and evening disappearance in bathroom is noticeable. Right now I am far from being an expert but these are my current favourites !

Clear Eyes by Christian Breton

I lived happily with one make-up remover and never thought of buying another bottle for eyes. It's a total waste of money, isn't it ? But when this bottle dropped in my hands, everything changed. This transparent liquid removes mascara and pencil so easily, leaving pure freshness and pleasant coolness on eyelids. Still, it's not a product of first-necessity but I pray that this bottle will never get empty.

Masque De Beaute Dry Skin by Christian Breton

This my number one favourite because it literally saved my skin. Because of season change, air conditioning and long hours in font of computer, my skin got so dry that little scales appeared on my forehead and nose. After first application I felt like a dried flower who finally got water and my skin cherished. I use it twice a week and leave for whole night. It is not oily, is not seen on face and do not dirty pillowcase (yes, I sleep with my face in pillow).

Moisturizing Cream by Venus

It simply does what it should - hydrates skin. Light texture and fresh aroma are extra bonuses. I am using product from Venus first time and am pretty satisfied, so I would not mind trying another products too.


Moisturizing Toner "Wild Rose" by Stenders

I always feel proud when good products are made locally. When years ago first wave of Stenders soaps calmed down, I forgot about this brand. Meanwhile, they've managed to create lines of skin care, hair care and even accessories. I don't know how much a toner should moisturise but this one is definitely no drying my skin. My skin may become addicted to this morning wake-up call.

Precious Gold Eye Cream by Christian Breton

Christian Breton rocks my world now. This eye cream is supposed to be anti-aging and fight little wrinkles, so I am not able to comment on this subject yet. Eye cream is absolutely new section for me, as I have never ever used one before. This one has little golden shimmers in formula that look so cute on cheekbones that i can not resist. It may not be the most necessary product for me right now, but this is the one that brings most fun.

What is on your skin care shelf right now ?