HD Foundation That Suits Real Life

Photos by : Miks Ramāns

It's been a while since I've posted something about makeup. Though it does not mean I have been chilling with bare face. On a recent Make Up For Ever lecture about Nude Makeup (didn't write about this particular one but you can check previous post on Summer Waterproof Look) everyone got a tester of Make Up For Ever HD Foundation.

The pre-story : I have never tried this product before (don't know how it happened) and was little scared that it will turn out heavy, drying my skin and too covering. Although, I am a religious user of Make Up For Ever Face and Body for 7 years already ! Do you want to know how I liked it ? I LOVED it ! 

The foundation is way more covering than my usual F&B but it blends into skin well and does not look artificial. Recently I was going through bad skin days (blame you, wine & cookies) so the perfect look was precious for me. And my skin didn't feel any difference afterwards, so no fear of dryness.  

I am going to use this product on special occasions when it is important to have long lasting, fully covering makeup - when going out and standing in front of camera. Btw, new Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Fluid Foundation is on it's way, are you excited too ?