Meet... Lonija Krastiņa - Yoga Instructor & always in Love, always somewhere up in the skies

It always seemed like a book / movie kind of story - going to India, changing mindset and lifestyle and becoming a whole new person in the same body. I met Lonija at Uni 4 years ago - she was a stylish girl with perfectly cut bob with bangs who wanted to study filming, editing and movie art. But she didn't stay long with because of her health problems - that could never ever be noticed on the outside, behind her smile and sparkly eyes. Life had prepared for her different path...

Meet... Julia Visocka - Makeup Artist & People Lover

She loves people and people love to feel beautiful - this is the reason why she engulfed into beauty and fashion industry. For already 8 years she works as a makeup artist & stylist for magazine covers, photoshoots and weddings. Julia believes that beauty comes from within, but there’s nothing wrong with giving a little love on the outside too. 

Meet... Ausra Midveryte - Jeweler & Fragile Dreamer

The first thing to notice about her is smile - wide, sincere and consistent. She is always light-mooded like all possible problems and worries are nothing more than a layer of dust to swipe away when needed. She is a charming woman who was born in Lithuania but lives in Latvia, who studied management but became jeweler.

Meet... Elza Volonte - DH Longboard Rider & Crazy Ginger

It is impossible not to notice her - when she enters a room, seems like little sparkles fly around. The girl who always stayed true to herself and inspires everyone around to do the same. Sometimes I wonder how she manages to do it ALL - work at television, take part in longboarding competitions, attend events, spend time with boyfriend, friends and family and on top of that always look awesomely stylish and smiling ! Btw, she is one of my go-od school time friends and I am very happy to know her !

Meet... Laila Vesate - Fitness Trainer & Healthy Lifestyle Enthusiast

She is the reason word "healthy" is incorporated in my life. Though I do not love fitness yet, our relationship can be classifies as quite friendly - again, thanks to her. She does not carry family traditions of natural lifestyle and she was not obsessed with sports during childhood. Fitness came to her life few years ago and since then she is inspiring and motivating all surrounding people with her boundless willpower, never ending enthusiasm and observable results. My fitness guru, restless supporter and above all - my sister !

Meet ... Miks Ramāns - Camera Assistant & General Geek

Another addition, which I am very excited to announce today is reviving PEOPLE chapter. This was always one of my favourites as I am keen on listening people's stories. Though I am definitely planning to resume filming videos, which translate longer and deeper conversations, right now I am presenting you an opportunity to meet interesting, inspiring people through the small questionnaire.

E#04 Special Edition

Long time - no see, actually, there is no other reason for this special edition, except this one. For last month I was totally swept away by my bachelor thesis, and because of my specialisation as a Camera Operator (who would've seen that coming, huh?!), I had to film a short film as a part of my work. Now I'm going to explain how I got to this idea and why everything turned out as it is, so I am bringing my apologies for an unusually long text in this post ! 

E#03 Dace Bahmann

This woman has definitely her charm - calm, light but powerful at the same time. In a sincere talk Dace - designer at fashion brand BeCarousell and fashion editor at Cosmopolitan Latvia, talks about her way to fashion industry from a childhood dream, reveals her daily routine and many more ! 

E#02 Diana Kubasova

I met for a sincere talk Dayana Kubasowa - titled international beauty pageant participant, model, designer and business woman from Latvia. Dayana tells about her childhood in countryside, shocking experience in first beauty pageants, non-stop modelling work in China, why she feels depressed when not working and even more !

E#01 Deniss Pashkevich

It was my pleasure to talk to one of the best jazz musicians in Latvia - Deniss Pashkevich. Deniss talks about his way to success, shares his thoughts about happy life, reveals his favourite curse word and even more !