Meet... Viktorija Mironova - Fashion Designer & World Traveler

You are already familiar with her name from outfit posts and few other mentions. This person takes such a huge part in my life that I cannot even describe - we've been best friends since school times and stayed close even learning in different Unis, finding our significant others and living 2000 km from each other (long distance relationship, huh ?). Besides some minor differences our fashion taste is quite similar, so when Viktorija started to obtain clothing design seriously, I, obviously, was more than excited ! Pictures with Viktorija's new collection coming soon, but meanwhile let's get to know her personality better !


Viktorija Mironova

Fashion Designer, Owner of Viktorija Mironova Design, life lover, world traveler and passionate woman.

Myself in 3 words … I am crazy in love with… people, nature, world – LIFE.

The best part of my work is … unsuspected result. You never know with what you will come up in the end.

My 3 working essentials … are creativity, inspiration and of course beautiful people. 

I’m most comfortable when … everything goes well and the result is grater than suspected. 

My mornings … waking up next to my beloved hubby and late breakfast.

My guilty pleasure … lazy days with a lot of movies and food.

The best dish to cook … white wine risotto with grilled chicken and fresh vegetable salad.

My style … depends on my mood.

Favourite item … black leather pants

Ideal Sunday … road trip with my favourite people.

Movie worth re-watching … definitely it is one with Audrey Hepburn

Right now I am listening to … Spotify  

My dream vacation …  is trip all over the world. 

My Resolution for 2015 … be more creative and start running my own business. 


tea or coffee ? café latte 

going out or staying in ? depends where to go

gym or no gym ? gym – it is important to be fit and healthy

movies or theatre ? both

workday or weekend ? both

book or magazine ? magazine

homemade or takeout ? homemade

apple or banana ? both 

cat or dog ? cat

waking up with sunrise or falling asleep with sunrise ? falling asleep with sunrise 

grey or beige ? it depends where these colours are used

train or airplane ? airplane

short hair or long hair ? long hair

beach or snowy mountains ? both

in front of a camera or behind a camera ? Depends of situation. Mostly behind. 


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