Meet... Elza Volonte - DH Longboard Rider & Crazy Ginger

It is impossible not to notice her - when she enters a room, seems like little sparkles fly around. The girl who always stayed true to herself and inspires everyone around to do the same. Sometimes I wonder how she manages to do it ALL - work at television, take part in longboarding competitions, attend events, spend time with boyfriend, friends and family and on top of that always look awesomely stylish and smiling ! Btw, she is one of my go-od school time friends and I am very happy to know her !


Elza Volonte

Project manager at Latvian Television, DH Longboarding Rider, Founder of Longboard Girls Crew Latvia, Young & Crazy Ginger

Myself in 3 words… ginger, #girlswhoride, unpredictable

The best part of my work… even with ‘’to do list’’ You have unpredictable things to get deal with 

My 3 working essentials… to do list, accuracy, timing

I’m most comfortable when… I am me, myself

My mornings… are really in rush

My guilty pleasure… chocolate cake

The best dish to cook… sorry,don’t have one 

My style… is Elzas style :D

Favourite item… for now is my fisheye for Iphone

Ideal Sunday… is to sleep more than 6 hours :D

Movie worth re-watching… You know, some of questions are really hard – don’t want to insult any of movie :D 

Right now I am listening to… ‘’Hymnal – In the Walley below’’

My dream vacation… is to be planned

My Resolution for 2015… to do things I haven’t done in 2014


tea or coffee ? tea with milk

going out or staying in ? going

gym or no gym ? it’s last time to start :D

movies or theatre ? both

workday or weekend ? after hard workdays I deserve good weekends

book or magazine ? magazine mood

homemade or takeout ? homemade

apple or banana ? orange

cat or dog ? both

waking up with sunrise or falling asleep with sunrise ? waking up

grey or beige ? both looking really good

train or airplane ? train

short hair or long hair ? 4 eva and eva long hair

beach or snowy mountains ? and again I missed snow this year – snowy mountains for sure!!!

in front of a camera or behind a camera ? in latest project I was in front of camera


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