Meet ... Miks Ramāns - Camera Assistant & General Geek

As I've already mentioned in Sunday post - February is Peppercakes birthday month ! And in case of that (or maybe it is not the reason itself, who knows ?) we are experiencing here some changes (= improvements) - you noticed little changes is Happy Details layout and content which since now will have few categories like book, movie, song etc. so I won't bore you with 5 pics of my guilty meals, ha ... 

Another addition, which I am very excited to announce today is reviving PEOPLE chapter. This was always one of my favourites as I am keen on listening people's stories. Though I am definitely planning to resume filming videos, which translate longer and deeper conversations, right now I am presenting you an opportunity to meet interesting, inspiring people through the small questionnaire. Firstly, I want you to get to know closer people who occasionally pop up on Peppercakes - the ones I am working, creating and dreaming with. 

I had no doubts about the first person that should be interviewed - the one line with his name appears consistently on the blog for last few month, but his work makes the huge part of Peppercakes. Since October Miks does picture taking work for Peppercakes, but besides looking at my clumsy posing behind the camera, hanging with me in girly cafes and editing it all into beautiful photographs, he is much more.


Miks Ramāns

freelance camera assistant, video editor, production & post-production junkie and helicam pilot. Also BMX Flatland pioneer, cycling enthusiast, gamer, ex-programmer… amongst other things

Myself in 3 words … mind, body and soul

The best part of my work … versatility

My 3 working essentials … coffee, cigarettes, computer

I’m most comfortable when … on a bicycle

My mornings … late, slow and filled with coffee

My guilty pleasure … procrastinating

The best dish to cook … burrito

My style … is non-existant, work defined

Favourite item … creditcard & letherman

Ideal Sunday … warm

Movie worth re-watching … Fight Club

Right now I am listening to …

My dream vacation …  is to have one

I am most proud of … my parents

My Resolution for 2015 … I don’t make yearly resolutions. I prefer more to just set goals for life.


tea or coffee ? coffee

going out or staying in ? staying in

gym or no gym ? no gym

movies or theatre ? movies

workday or weekend ? workday

book or magazine ? book

homemade or takeout ? takeout

apple or banana ? banana

cat or dog ? cat

waking up with sunrise or falling asleep with sunrise ? going to sleep with sunrise

grey or beige ? grey

ship or airplane ? airplane

short hair or long hair ? long

beach or snowy mountains ? beach

in front of a camera or behind a camera ? behind


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