Meet... Laila Vesate - Fitness Trainer & Healthy Lifestyle Enthusiast

She is the reason word "healthy" is incorporated in my life. Though I do not love fitness yet, our relationship can be classifies as quite friendly - again, thanks to her. She does not carry family traditions of natural lifestyle and she was not obsessed with sports during childhood. Fitness came to her life few years ago and since then she is inspiring and motivating all surrounding people with her boundless willpower, never ending enthusiasm and observable results. My fitness guru, restless supporter and above all - my sister !


Laila Vesate

fitness trainer, fitness model, finalist of IFBB Latvia Bikini Fitness Project 2014, healthy & fit lifestyle enthusiast

Myself in 3 words … I dream big, work hard and do all things with passion or don’t do them at all.

The best part of my work … is seeing how my clients get results and fall in love with fitness&healthy lifestyle.

My 3 working essentials … good mood, workout clothes and playground (gym)

I’m most comfortable when … I’m together with my best friends or other people who live and think the same way as I do.

My mornings … always start with coffee, healthy breakfast and going to the gym

My guilty pleasure … peanut butter on a cheatday

The best dish to cook … banana protein pancakes with natural peanut butter

My style … I feel best when I wear bright & comfortable workout clothes

Favourite item … probably my phone

Ideal Sunday … would be spent together with my boyfriend, making healthy foods, working out and watching movies

Movie worth re-watching … sorry, I can’t remember any

Right now I am listening to … The Script

My dream vacation … in Miami

My Resolution for 2015 … continue studying health & sport sciences in Riga Stradins university, inspire & help more people to get fit, improve my own shape, try new training methods and get pilates serftificate. And also spend more time with my loved ones.


tea or coffee ? coffee

going out or staying in ? It depends on what I have been working out the previous day :D

gym or no gym ? what a stupid question :D Gym!

movies or theatre ? movies

workday or weekend ? Workday, because I get more energy from doing my work than resting.

book or magazine ? book

homemade or takeout ? homemade

apple or banana ? banana

cat or dog ? cat

waking up with sunrise or falling asleep with sunrise ? waking up with sunrise

grey or beige ? grey

train or airplane ? airplane

short hair or long hair ? long hair

beach or snowy mountains ? gym :D beach, sun & summer <3

in front of a camera or behind a camera ? in front of a camera


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