Meet... Ausra Midveryte - Jeweler & Fragile Dreamer

The first thing to notice about her is smile - wide, sincere and consistent. She is always light-mooded like all possible problems and worries are nothing more than a layer of dust to swipe away when needed. She is a charming woman who was born in Lithuania but lives in Latvia, who studied management but became jeweler. She thinks that life would be boring without love, adventures and 4 seasons. On her free time she loves taking pictures of nature and people and just fly in her dreams. I hope that you will like Ausra as much as I when we first met few years ago!


Ausra Midveryte

Jewelry Designer & Jeweler (with Unexploded Ball of Creativity), Mother (with Child Inside), Wife (with Everyday Experiments), Lithuanian Living in Latvia, Dreamer and Fragile Person

Myself in 3 words … dream, positive, smile

The best part of my work … challenging orders 

My 3 working essentials … creativeness, patience, love

I’m most comfortable when … I can be myself

My mornings … start at 7:01 AM when I wake up and finish at 9:15 AM when I come back from children garden.

My guilty pleasure … steel the time from sleepy me and dream about various jewellery projects

The best dish to cook … experimental dish

My style … comfortable

Favourite item … notebook

Ideal Sunday … forest, sea, picnic, friends 

Movie worth re-watching … Pride and Prejudice 

Right now I am listening to … silence :)

My dream vacation … with my family in the middle of nowhere 

My Resolution for 2015 … be more effective and patience. Explore new things, be brave and trust yourself. 


tea or coffee ? both :)

going out or staying in ? going out

gym or no gym ? bicycle and fast walk

movies or theatre ? theatre 

workday or weekend ? workday with longer evenings 

book or magazine ? book

homemade or takeout ? homemade 6 days a week and one day - takeout :)

apple or banana ? smooothie with apple, banana, salad and lime 

cat or dog ? dog

waking up with sunrise or falling asleep with sunrise ? waking up with sunrise, but there's nothing more romantic than to fall asleep with sunrise :)

grey or beige ? beige

train or airplane ? train

short hair or long hair ? long hair

beach or snowy mountains ? Can't choose :D Both. At the same time :D :)) 

in front of a camera or behind a camera ? Behind a camera. Though I could do some faces in front of it. 


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