Meet... Santa Maria Li - Master of Ceremonies and Sensitive Soul

For me, there is nothing more interesting in this world than PEOPLE. I love listening to life stories and every time I am amazed what diverse, strong and wonderful creatures we are. Even when you think that you know a person, there are so much hidden treasures in their souls - just ask a question and you will see a whole new dimension ! 

I remember her as the girl with the longest hair I've ever seen from our first meeting on photoshoot for De'Žavu Vintage Boutique Latvia many years ago. Since then I followed her activities on social media and when we accidentally found each other sitting nearby on RFW Opening night, I knew who is the next person that I want you to meet ! Santa is so creative that I honestly do not know where her limits end. But I personally admire how such a sensitive and artistic person can be so outgoing and sociable ! 

Photo by : Anna Protko

Photo by : Anna Protko

Santa Maria Li (Santa Laizāne)

MC - Master of Ceremonies and Fashion Events, Project Manager, TV Diva, Media Person, Actress, Artist, Creator with Sensitive Soul.

Myself in 3 words … where duality meets 

The best part of my work … great creative and positive people and a lot of beauty around

My 3 working essentials … daily planner, mobile phone, challenge

I’m most comfortable when… slept enough, when I am inspired, I have holidays, my friends and relatives doing great, feel happy, I know answers, at least 25oC

My mornings … water, surya namaskar, porridge, Mozart or overslept and totally in the rush

My guilty pleasure … (don’t have any guilt when get pleasure :) let it be - red wine

The best dish to cook … eastern sweets

My style … cozy elegance

Favourite item … my lucky ring

Ideal Sunday … traveling or hugging

Movie worth re-watching … Thomas Crown Affair

Right now I am listening to … Soha - Mil Pasos

My dream vacation … Costa Rica

My Resolution for 2015 … Greece, cat, easel, paintings (look forward for personal exhibition), filming, falling in love (at least with the cat)

Photo by : Arkady Gluhih

Photo by : Arkady Gluhih

Photo by : Aivars Slisans

Photo by : Aivars Slisans

Photo by : Dmitry Shimanovsky

Photo by : Dmitry Shimanovsky

tea or coffee ? tea…a lot of tea

going out or staying in ? depends on my mood, enjoy both

gym or no gym ? dances, yoga, swimming pool and sauna

movies or theatre ? movies and theatre and concert

workday or weekend ? WE

book or magazine ? conversation

homemade or takeout ? homemade

apple or banana ? mango

cat or dog ? cat

waking up with sunrise or falling asleep with sunrise? ...this is where duality meets – daily waking up with sunrise with rational schedule, then enjoy my creative funny weekends. I welcome sun and moon with same respect!

grey or beige ? white

train or airplane ? definitely airplane

short hair or long hair ? just look at me 

beach or snowy mountains ? Who said snow….delete this word or replace with sun! I am sunny Santa and greenhouse flower!

in front of a camera or behind a camera? In front of, but feel cool to do both – it’s all about the process of creation. It doesn’t matter where you are.


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