Meet... Elīna Ozola - owner of nail salon Kichy Kuko & "Tiina Turboliina"

She is force, she is energy, she is TURBO ! On workdays she is a businesswoman, running her own nail salon, on evenings she is a fun girlfriend and on weekends she is caring stepmother who bakes cookies and sews Halloween costumes for kids. And she is only 24 years young !!! Moreover, you will never notice even a shadow of worries on her beautiful face, because she is always smiling, positive and happy ! She is like a bubble of joy with always changing appearances  - just ask her how many haircuts and colours she have had. Elīna is a real inspiration for handling successfully career ambitions and keeping family hearth warm.


Elīna Ozola

(or as friends call her - Tiina Turboliina)

Owner of nail salon Kichy Kuko, representative and distributor of Italian wines for restaurants,  best of the best Stepmother, open-minded and easy going person.

Myself in 3 words … TīnaTurbolīna; #kichykuko ; Ozoo

The best part of my work … Kichy Kuko opens at 10:00, so I don’t have to wake up early !!! And I can have super crazy nails whenever I want !!!

My 3 working essentials … I don’t have them

I’m most comfortable when … I am naked

My mornings … Zzzzzz

My guilty pleasure … ice

The best dish to cook … I don’t have just one, I have a lot. I have a big family – 5 in my home… 6 in my Mum’s… 6 in Boyfriend’s family… so together we make 11 till sometimes 17 people ! I need to cook a lot. For children one menu … for Us other; some don't eat fish, some - meat, some - other stuff. So I train a lot and cook a lot, and eat a lot :D 

My style … I don’t think that I have some special style, I wear what I like.

Favourite item … Shoes ? I have a lot of them… but wear just some of them :D

Ideal Sunday … when the house is clean and the children are quiet.

Movie worth re-watching … "Last Night" with Keira Knightley / I don’t like Keira a lot… but the movies she is in are sooooo amazing !!!

Right now I am listening to … U2 new album

My dream vacation … Thailand

My Resolution for 2015 … I don’t know… just enjoy the moments, but I do it every year, every day. 


tea or coffee ? water with ice 

going out or staying in ? OUT out out

gym or no gym ? dance is the best gym

movies or theatre ? movie at home under blanket

workday or weekend ? ohhh…. I love them both

book or magazine ? magazine

homemade or takeout ? homemade 

apple or banana ? apple

cat or dog ? dog 

waking up with sunrise or falling asleep with sunrise ? falling a sleep with sunrise

grey or beige ? both

train or airplane ? airplane

short hair or long hair ? funny to say LONG… I  have short :D but I love long !

beach or snowy mountains ? beach

in front of a camera or behind a camera ? both  sides are interesting


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