Meet... Maxim Busel - Actor & Dreaming Capricorn

Why do they say that life of actor is hard ? Maybe because it is a never stopping twirl of emotions, experiences, rehearsals, performances, travels and never ending self-discovery. He is a young man, who dreamed of becoming an actor, dared to try and succeeded, as being a part of theatre community for less than 2 years, he has 9 plays in the acting-CV already. Between work in theatre, Maxim manages to film in short movies and even squeeze in yoga classes. But the most important thing - he is always smiling, light-paced and truly grateful to each and every of his fans, who thank him with flowers and sweets for outstanding performance on stage.


Maxim Busel

Theatre Artist in Mikhail Chekhov Riga Russian Theatre, Movie Actor, Yoga Enthusiast, Cat Lover & Dreaming Capricorn on the Moon

Myself in 3 words … strong romantic Artist

The best part of my work … research and analysis of different human destinies and lives, applying the lives of others for myself.

My 3 working essentials … courage, imagination and deep concentration

I’m most comfortable when … I am at ease – as part of my profession

My mornings … green or camomile tea, white coffee and lovely music in my apartments

My guilty pleasure … Sweets!!!!! Chocolate!!!

The best dish to cook … porridge with banana and dried fruits

My style … depends on the mood and place. If it's important meeting or secular party – strict dress code, but always – very comfortable!

Favourite item … bicycle, because it makes my life easier

Ideal Sunday … when I got woken up not by alarm clock, but by a sunlight in the window, promising calm and wonderful day.

Movie worth re-watching … Titanic, Birdman, Talanted Mr. Ripley, Adele's Life ...

Right now I am listening to … Will Young - Love Revolution

My dream vacation … Paris or the Moon

My Resolution for 2015 … to develop further and further in my profession, to try to have a vacation in the summer time, and to visit any new country.


tea or coffee ? Both! But firstly tea, then – coffee.

going out or staying in ? I always try going out in my life, but because of my work – staying in become more typical for me.

gym or no gym ? Gym, but after gym - yoga. All should be in harmony.

movies or theatre ? movies

workday or weekend ? For me every day is a workday, on weekend too.

book or magazine ? Book of course.

homemade or takeout ? homemade

apple or banana ? banana

cat or dog ? Cat! I am a cat.

waking up with sunrise or falling asleep with sunrise ? waking up with sunrise

grey or beige ? The 50 shades of beige

train or airplane ? airplane

short hair or long hair ? for women - long hair only, but for men - short!

beach or snowy mountains ? beach, but without people

in front of a camera or behind a camera ? Hahah! Only in front of camera.

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