Meet... Linda Vilmansone - Food Maker & Bath Lover

She does food and tastes to eat - it is her unique relationship with food. After getting degree in PR management and working in the advertising industry for some time, she decided that her love for food is stronger and left the job - which she considers being the best decision ever. Now Linda's everyday life is filled with all possible activities related to food - she works for a culinary magazine, co-hosts culinary TV show and styles food for photoshoots. After 15-hour workdays she enjoys painting with acrylic colours, take bath (sometimes even two per day !) and ride a bike.  I am happy to know Linda personally and would like to introduce you to her wonderful personality virtually !

Photo by : Maris Kiselovs for magazine "Pie Galda"

Photo by : Maris Kiselovs for magazine "Pie Galda"

Linda Vilmansone

Food maker, contributor at culinary magazine "Pie Galda", co-host of TV show "Gatavo 3", food stylist, novice painter, enthusiastic traveler and bath lover.

Myself in 3 words … I taste to eat (Man garšo ēst)

The best part of my work … I can plan my schedule as I want. 

My 3 working essentials … food processor, sharp knife and baking oven

I’m most comfortable when … I can fall into bed after long and dynamic day.

My mornings … are slow if they are as I want them to be. Usually I wake up without alarm clock, about 8am, drink big glass of warm lemon water, after that I drink a big cup of green tea, while responding to some morning emails. After that I eat very late and huge breakfast and after 11am I am ready to leave my apartment, if I have some appointments. If not, I stay at home and work on recipes. 

My guilty pleasure … fats. I just love fats. Bacon, avocado, butter, salmon, coconut oil, pesto…. Oh I can go on and on.. 

The best dish to cook … shrimps with garlic and herb butter. Everyone loves it. 

My style … this is the hard one. I would say mobile. Depends on my plans and mood. I prefer khaki, black, white, peach and blue.

Favourite item … light peach tutu skirt

Ideal Sunday … is warm and sunny. I wake up early enough to sip some green tea and hit the road with my bicycle, go on picnic date with my best friends, die 30 times from food coma, play table games and get some noon sleep, and do it all again. 

Movie worth re-watching … Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Right now I am listening to … my refrigerator buzzing

My dream vacation … Bali

My Resolution for 2015 … vacation in Bali, ha! To start up my healthy food business. 

Photo by : Armands Virbulis

Photo by : Armands Virbulis

Photo by : Armands Virbulis

Photo by : Armands Virbulis

Photo by : Armands Virbulis

Photo by : Armands Virbulis

tea or coffee ? tea

going out or staying in ? Depends - if it is “my face will fall off” cold outside, I prefer staying in. If it’s not winter – out. 

gym or no gym ? Gym. Very occasionally. I am very lazy.

movies or theatre ? Movies, best if watched all by myself. I like to go to movies alone.

workday or weekend ? whatever

book or magazine ? Boooks!

homemade or takeout ? homemade

apple or banana ? apple

cat or dog ? Can I have both? Pleeeeeeease? 

waking up with sunrise or falling asleep with sunrise ? falling asleep

grey or beige ? beige

train or airplane ? train because I love to stalk others silently

short hair or long hair ? long

beach or snowy mountains ? beach    

in front of a camera or behind a camera ? behind

Photo by : Armands Virbulis

Photo by : Armands Virbulis

Photo by : Armands Virbulis

Photo by : Armands Virbulis

Photo by : Armands Virbulis

Photo by : Armands Virbulis

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