Meet... Lonija Krastiņa - Yoga Instructor & always in Love, always somewhere up in the skies

It always seemed like a book / movie kind of story - going to India, changing mindset and lifestyle and becoming a whole new person in the same body. I met Lonija at Uni 4 years ago - she was a stylish girl with perfectly cut bob with bangs who wanted to study filming, editing and movie art. But she didn't stay long with us because of her health problems that could never ever be noticed on the outside, behind her smile and sparkly eyes. Life had prepared for her different path than she imagined - it took her to India with a reason of solving her own issues but with hidden bigger plan of helping others through knowledge and Love. I would like you to meet this young and wise woman - Lonija and feel the energy that comes through her written words !


Lonija Krastiņa

Yoga Instructor, Dreamer, Freedom Lover and World Traveler, with mission to make others happy, to spread Love and positive vibes to all around her!

Myself in 3 words… compassionate, happy, sensitive

The best part of my work… to help, to serve, to inspire and to share Love and after that - see how people are shining ! I Love to see how people get relaxed during the class, even the most stressful person forgets about his outside world and focuses on his self – it makes me happy !

My 3 working essentials… my body, my voice and that Energy (Love, God, Universe it does not matter how we call it) 

I’m most comfortable when… I am somewhere south, when my body does not make strike about cold and humid weather.

My mornings… are beautiful. They start early - I have my processes and rituals which I follow every day.

My guilty pleasure… Haribo bears – they are the only sweets from stores that do not contain gluten or dairy ! 

The best dish to cook… oh, have to ask my amigos - I think pancakes. Pancakes somehow keep the family together and make people happier. 

My style… is to love and appreciate yourself, others and the world around you as they are ! 

Favourite item… I would lie if I tell that it`s not my yoga mat. I have no favourite items, because I try to live with less belongings (try but I’m not so successful).

Ideal Sunday… every day is ideal, the most perfect moment is about Now 

Movie worth re-watching… Life is Beautiful (La vita è bella)

Right now I am listening to… Somewhere over the Rainbow - Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole

My dream vacation… My life already is a one big vacation - I`m doing what I Love, I study and share my experience, knowledge and Love to others ! 

My Resolution for 2015… to go back to India to continue my path


tea or coffee ? tea

going out or staying in ? going out but only when its warmer than 15 degrees

gym or no gym ? no gym

movies or theatre ? movies

workday or weekend ? everyday

book or magazine ? book

homemade or takeout ? homemade

apple or banana ? apple, unfortunately I have allergy from bananas

cat or dog ? All animals !

waking up with sunrise or falling asleep with sunrise ? waking up with sunrise and falling asleep with sunset

grey or beige ? colorful

train or airplane ? with airplane to India, with train in India

short hair or long hair ? does not matter

beach or snowy mountains ? beach and green mountains

in front of a camera or behind a camera ? it depends of situation – now behind the camera


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