Meet... Girts Urbacans - Navy Officer & Fashion Designer

I met Ģirts 4 years ago in a bar (no nasty stories here, believe me !). He was wearing a well tailored suit - that draw my attention because the only man I've seen wearing a suit in a bar was a certain legen-dary character (am I going to wrong places ?!). This was nothing comparing to my surprise when he introduced himself being a student at Maritime Academy AND an upcoming fashion designer. Now he is a graduate and owner of bow ties line, so I think it is the most appropriate moment to introduce you to this young man.

I usually write some words to introduce you with the person from my point of view but I loved so much the description that Ģirts wrote of himself that I want to share it here, before his answers to the questionnaire ! 

"Primarily I’m a Navy officer, I serve my country, and I am very proud to say that I’m a Latvian. This is my main job. It has given me more than any other profession could ever give to a man. Who knows, maybe my hobbies and passions would be revealed if it wouldn’t be for the military education. Secondly I am a fashion designer and owner of a neckwear brand – GUC (short for Girts Urbacans Collection). I make high quality bow ties and ties. Slowly I offer individual sewing services so that in to a near future I could start making suits. Bow ties was just the beginning to start understanding how can you create your idea to a touchable product. As I haven’t studied in any fashion oriented school, I had to go through all this by reading, watching, asking, trying and hearing knowledge, that are hidden somewhere in the whole wide world. Some would say that it’s the hard way, I say - It’s the most interesting way."


Ģirts Urbacāns

Navy Officer at the Latvian National Armed  Forces, Fashion Designer, Creator and Owner of neckwear brand GUC, Snowboarder, Windsurfer & Person who wants to try everything that’s new and thrilling

Myself in 3 words… Designer in Uniform

The best part of my work… Military: experiencing things, events and feelings that only military person can experience. 

Fashion: creating something that for someone will be the way to show his own style, his way of thinking and his attitude against society.

My 3 working essentials… Quality, Discilpine, Creativity

I’m most comfortable when… I’m wearing a well tailored suit. 

My mornings… start at 5:00 AM with a green tee, shower, small breakfast and a long, long journey to Bolderaja, as that’s the home base for Latvian Naval Flotilla Patrolboat Squadron.

My guilty pleasure… is a glass of single malt whisky. I like the feeling when it burns your mouth reminding you that not everything in life is so sweet as it looks. But afterwards it gives you warm and satisfaction. Now I want one... 

The best dish to cook… I would say chicken, but in the summer – cold beetroot soup.

My style… Suit, suit and again suit!

Favorite item… Notebook with a pen. As I have really, really bad memory, that’s the only item, where I can store my ideas. Many times my memory failed and who knows, the golden idea flew away ... notebook is the “gadget” that stores everything.

Ideal Sunday… Waking up with a bright new idea, making a sketch of it, putting it on a dress form, sewing it, loving it – whoala – there’s a new dress! P.S. Unfortunately does not happen in one Sunday!  

Movie worth re-watching… 7 Pounds

Right now I am listening to… traffic of Riga outside the window

My dream vacation… would be high up in the mountains of Italy, slaloming down the powder snow and somehow sliding in the Milan fashion weeks front row to see Giambattista Valli fashion show.

My Resolution for 2015… to make a new bow tie collection and start offering made-to-measure suits.


tea or coffee ? tea

going out or staying in ? going out

gym or no gym ? gym

movies or theatre ? movies

workday or weekend ? Weekend because then I can give all my attention to design ideas, my brand, friends, family and all the creative thoughts that are accumulated in my mind during workdays.

book or magazine ? Monthly fashion magazine but there are nothing better than a fashion book! Unfortunately good books are not published every month.

homemade or takeout ? homemade

apple or banana ? apple

cat or dog ? dog (pugs)!

waking up with sunrise or falling asleep with sunrise ? waking up with sunrise 

grey or beige ? grey

train or airplane ? airplane - time saving is very important to me !

short hair or long hair ? Long hair, but only if we’re talking about woman. For man – only short hair!

beach or snowy mountains ? Both, as I’m born in Jurmala and it would be odd to not love sandy beach but I also love snowboarding, so it is hard to choose only one.

In front of a camera or behind a camera ? as far behind the camera as possible


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